I Love To Dress Up And Have Fun!

I have enjoyed going to parties ever since I was a little girl! Every girl loves to party! My BatMitzvah was a great party!

I have been to a few parties with my group of friends, since being at university. It has been awkward convincing my parents going to gentile parties is ok, but I am pleased they saw how important they are to me, how I widen out by meeting a cross-section of social groups here.

Olivier has told me there is a party later today (tonight) in Aubervilliers. The whole gang is going! He will text me later with some ideas of what to wear.

The last party I went to with the gang was in late September, down in Cachan, south of Paris. It was at the home of a musician Olivier knows, Etienne. He is a guitarist with an up-and-coming band here, and obviously, the theme of the party was music. Everyone was dressed up, as genres of music, and there were Fifties style clothes, Ska suits, Jazz big images, and Rock Gods, and there were Punkz and Reggae-ists, and lastly our group, the Goths!

Olivier has suggested I dress suggestively, so I wore striped stockings with a very short lace flouncy skirt (like a ra-ra) a black fishnet string, high chunky heeled buckled boots, lots of crosses and Magen Davids, and a bustier, and very dramatic makeup.

All the fun culminated in a group of us sitting down, guitars in hand playing along in a kind of melee of sounds (Jazz, I guess!) which had a purety of resonance with us all.
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Dec 15, 2012