The Party In Aubervilliers (1)

The 'town' of Aubervilliers is approximately seven kilometres north east of where I live. The best way there in the evening is by metro. From Rambuteau, you have to get to Gare de l'Est, to take Ligne 7, but to do that you have to change lignes twice.

You can walk along to Reaumer Sebastopol on Ligne 4 and you only have one change at Gare de l'Est. Aubervilliers is served by three stations, two on Ligne 7 and one on the RER going through Drancy.

Earlier in the day, Olivier had responded to my text coming over from his home to take me shopping for an outfit to wear. He had some ideas, and we left my road bound a short distance for rue Saint Croix de la Bretonnerie to a shop named 'Passage du Desir', a sex shop. There used to be lots of them in the area, but gradually they have changed, like so many shops here. We looked at a number of items.

We worked our way up towards Pigalle where there are lots of shops with the kind of things Olivier was hoping I'd consider wearing. In the end we got things he liked, that I liked too. I decided that it would be best not to go home directly, and I suggested our going out to Olivier's home for us to have a lunch, and then get ready for the party (we weren't going to arrive there too early, but you have to worry not every train runs out as far as you are bound).

I phoned my mother and told her I wouldn't be home, and she sounded very disapproving, but she understands my viewpoint a little better than my father does. Olivier suggested we go to dinner first and then make our way to the party.
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Dec 16, 2012