The Party In Aubervilliers (2)

Olivier and I travelled to Aubervilliers from his home further away than mine at Rambuteau. It took a while to get there, sitting on the metro of Ligne 7 all the way up from Les Gobelins through Chatelet towards the Opera, then onto Gare de l'Est.

Since it was a cooler night, evening, I opted for leggings instead of a skirt, or dress, and the leggings Olivier bought me were ripped, fairly sheer. I added a black cotton cardigan to these, but I didn't have a bra on underneath. I also wore a pair of black high leg flat heeled buckled paratrooper-style boots, and a leather biker jacket.

I made-up too, very Gothic, lots of black, including black lipstick, and a little white foundation and 'blusher' to shadow. Eyeliner, thick and black and black mascara. Olivier was very impressed with my make up.

We sat together on the metro, and arrived in Aubervilliers after several weird looks from other travellers. Olivier led me to a small bar where he hoped we could have something to eat, called Maman, on rue de la Courneuve. Then, we met some of the locals who were surprised to have Goths in town.

Eventually we got away from them and we made our way to the party. We weren't late, we weren't early. There was quite a crowd already there, and pretty quickly we were lost in the melee. There was a lot going on, and pretty soon, Olivier had my cardigan off, his hands exploring me, and then my leggings came off!
ToiledAraignee ToiledAraignee
22-25, F
Dec 16, 2012