The Party In Aubervilliers (3)

At the hands of my best friend I was one of the first girls naked at the party last night. He watched as I got alot of attention from the guys near us, and then he hugged me close, which was one of the most sacred cuddles to me since it seemed protective to me.

I'd tucked my leggings into my left boot which was at the side of Olivier's seat, and my cardigan with my jacket over the top of them. I sat up on Olivier's lap, and he unzipped his fly (he was wearing black jeans, a black cotton shirt, and black army booys and a jacket like mine) to take out his very hard penis which he pushed into me as I faced away from him.

There were spectators watching us as Olivier ****** me, my breasts jiggling as he moved inside and then almost out. With people watching us that I'd never met before it was awkward, and it took me a while to relax, but Olivier drove ******* from my body despite my uneasiness. He was excited about the whole experience and ********** pretty soon after I had a big ******.

As he became flaccid and slid out of me he grabbed a couple of tissues which he jammed into my crotch to gather his ***** as it began to drop out. I was also very wet and I slicked his jeans. With me satisfactorily bunged we kissed more, and I got up from his lap.

There were a number of naked people having sex by this time, and Olivier untied his boots and took them off, quickly followed by his jeans and boxers. I took hold of his penis, and soon he started to get hard again. I saw there were girls who were sucking their guys penises, but I'd never done this before. Olivier saw them too, but said that I should only do it if I really wanted to. I didn't.

Instead, Olivier was soon very erect again and I lay down on the floor for him to **** me again.
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