I Like Peace

i have always believed in love and peace for all. it seems to me ppl have forgotten about it.there is far to much violence in the united states and the world.i think ppl have forgotten the way to treat one another. no human is perfect why do ppl judge others just because we may have different views . we all came to this earth for a reason and it should begin with love for each other without judgement. we as ppl are creating negitive karma the way we seem to treat each other. we truly are brothers and sistersand we would have a totally different world if we can put our judements aside and learn tot love one another.John Lennon said give peace a chance it sounds simplistic but that,s what the world needs ,without love this planet will not survive because of the karma ppl are creating every day.So i hope ppl will shift the way they treat one another so love can and will prevail.
mycuzinvinni mycuzinvinni
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2 Responses Mar 5, 2011

peace and good luck i believe you will be fine, we all go through periods of loneliness but things will get better , having love for yourself is a great quality to have the universe will lead you from here, vinny

In a way it’s extremely sad the way mass global consciousness is lost in heavy negative emotional energies manipulated via global subliminal media messages/TV/ News and have lost the natural beautiful loving awareness of higher light emotional energies which are there if we feel carefully in love through peace in our hearts which is constantly accessible to all becasue we are one, but especially and easily to those who are free. <br />
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Things in this world can be very sad and painful especially when not quite understood, my personal pain is loneliness. But I am growing through my pain and have embraced pure self love, the natural perfect beauty of nature in the power of universe to lead this short part of my existence as a human <br />
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Respect and peace to you my friend