A Pee Urgency Scale 0 - 30

Note: Each number is very detailed

0: Just went, have absolutely NO desire

1: Cannot feel any desire but may be able to get a drop out

2: Cannot feel desire, may be able to get a VERY small spurt out if I tried SO hard.

3: Feel a VERY little desire, may be able to get a small spurt out

4: Feel little desire, may be able to get a spurt out

5: Have somewhat desire, can get some out

6: Have pretty much but not sure desire, can get more out

7: Desperation starts to take place , NO distraction, can get pee out

8: Desperation taking place, VERY little distraction if any at all, can get pee out

9: Desperation getting greater, little distraction, can get even more pee out

10: Desperation at average, Distraction may take place, can get an average pee session out

11: Desperation gets greater, no huge distraction but a minor one, average pee is able to come out

12: Need to pee gets more distracting, would use toilet if available

13: Over average need to pee, distracting, could get a semi-lot of pee out

14: Over average need to pee, distraction increasing, could get semi-lot of pee out

15: Over average need to pee, distraction increasing, could get lot of pee out

16: Large need to pee, getting uncomfortable, can get a lot of pee out

17: Larger need to pee, more uncomfortable and is starting to squirm, can get a lot of pee out

18: Larger pee desperation, squirming and uncomfortable, can easilly get a lot of pee out

19: Even larger desperation, medium increase of squirming, can easilly get a LOT of pee out

20: FREAK-OUT stage reached, squirming at large, may start to hold crotch, can sooo easilly get a LOT of pee out

21: Almost anywhere = good toilet, lots of squirming, crotch holding will occur, having a hard time keeping pee in

22: Anywhere is a good toilet, lots of squirming/fidgiting, crotch hold, struggling

23: Pain in bladder starts, squirming/fidgiting, crotch holding, spurts ONLY start for sensitive bladders, struggling

24: Don't know if I can hold it much longer!

25: Will fight for a bathroom, CANNOT KEEP STILL!

26: Little Spurts, Advanced Squirming/Fidgiting, Struggling to hold pee

27: Cannot concentrate at all!! Need bathroom!

28: "Pee Pee Dance!" If I relax it will ALL come out!

29: Extreme spurts resulting in a noticable dark stain on pants, Pee dance, Last Minute!, Holding pee is nearly impossible, Will run to bathroom

30: So much pee needs to be released, that any spurt will result in a full flow, you completely wet yourself.




   Thank you for reading this, PLEASE feel free to put some scales on this group!




LogicMan29 LogicMan29
22-25, M
15 Responses Mar 20, 2010

I'm currently at stage 23, D':

28 nooooo

That's it running to bathroom gotta go

No at 29

Ok now I got to 30 thank goodness I got to the toilet but i am still wet from spurts

Now I'm at 2

I can get Like one drop out if I tried

But now I kinda gotta poo


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Omgomgomg I'm at 27 gotta peeeeeew

I'm at a 27 now! I have to go SOOO urgently!!! I have A LOT that needs to come out NOW!!

Currently only at around a 12. I feel the need and want to go.... Will keep u updated on how long I last since I'm bored haha :)

18 or 19. I have to pee REALLY bad, but I'm in a pee holding challenge. Gotta hold it in. :(

Nevermind. Went right up to a 23! :'(

About a 21 or 22, really have to go!!

Make that a 24...


I'm at a 28 right now... dear god, my bladder's sore... so full... gotta GO NOW.

at 27 rite now and really struggling 2 hold<br />
GOT TO PEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm about a 19 right now and have a glass of water to speed things up :p

I don't know what I am now, maybe a 23 I'm in definite pain but there's no squirming or anything yet... Just gloriously bursting fullness! x

Lol I am at like 2 right now

Am currently at an 18... Possibly 19 x