Wet My Pants And Were Forced To Recive Analsex...

It was a sunday morning, my roomate (Rasmus) and i was woken by the sound of and helocopter flying lover over the building (because of the Giro d' Italia race) So it was pretty early and we ware both awake so instead of going back to sleep we decidet to do af Pee holding Challange, witch we have be talking about alot but never acely done.

The rules ware simple: We both had 9 cans of cola and we would have to drink 1 every 10 minutes.... We were sitting i 2 separate lounge chairs and we were not allowed to hold our hand between our legs of crossing them and last and not least the first to wet his pants would have to be the winners slave for the rest of the day and do what every he demanded.

So we were off we both open'd the first cola's and drank while we were watching the new "Battleship" movie...

The first 30 minutes and the first 3 cola's were no big deal... But after 35 minutes i got the urge to pee and the urge were growing really fast and after 45 minutes and 1 more cola my bladder was about to explode and after 53 minutes and the 5th cola my bladder suddenly gave up and i felt a warm, wet feeling in my crotch and around my butt, and at the same tome the drops were starting to tap on the floor my roommate look't over at me and started to laugh..

And almost eminently ordered me to go to the bed room ***** naked and stand on the bed on all four (Hands and knees) facing the wall
After a shot time and the sound of a toilet flush he entered the room naked and with a bottle of lube.
He blindfolded med with a dark blanked and then he started to lube up my ***. first he ware working his index finger gently around my hole, and after a while his first finger entered my tight virgin *** and started moving it in and out...

I liked the feeling of his finger penetrate my tight ring, i made i small moan and i feelt my **** was growing.
shortly after he inserted another finger and after a minute the pulled it out and he was moving around behind me.

He lubed my *** a little more and the i feelt his **** pokeing at my ***, and slowly he pushed it in... My roommate has a pretty big **** so it was pretty hard on me and hunted a little. and when i was all the way in the started to **** me, his **** was i little to big for my thight virgin hole so i moaned a little witch only made him go faster...

After about 10 minutes my ringmussel was burning and he was starting to moan and suddenly he pushed his **** all the way in i feelt something warm spreading inside  my *** he was all up there for about 20 sec's and then i pulled it out...

So that is the story of my first wetting  challenge... and my first anal experience.... Have a nice day every one :)
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Excellent experience. What will you do when he is the loser?