Want Some Pee Holding Challenges And Dares

Hey everyone, I want some pee holding challenges and dares. Like what clothes to wear, where to pee, how much to drink, how long to hold it :P and what my punishment is should i pee to early :) That sort of stuff. These are my likes and dislikes so yeahh go for it :D

Likes - Feet, Desperation, Wetting, Holding
Dislikes - Drinking pee, anything involving ***. pee on face
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16 Responses May 19, 2012

drink a bucket of water hold for a day then pee in a bottle in front of at least two people if pee early you have to drink another bucket

one challenge could be wear nothing (home alone) drink 3 1/2 cups of water, then sit down on the floor and relax all muscles for 10 seconds. finally sit anywhere you want and hold for 1 hour.

One challenge i find difficult is to wait for a few hours while drinking a bottle or 2 cups every ten minutes. Then when you are desperate, go into an area that is quite cold. Take off your tight clothing (even your underwear) and squat down. You must hold yourself for 60 seconds. Then immediately let go and relax all your muscles. Get a friend to tickle your feet or do it yourself. Let go a few drops and put some ice on your areas. This will be a bit difficult

Ok so if you pee too early you need to upload a YouTube vid of you peeing.

To do that just wear tight pants or don't go to the toilet just sit there and when you need to let it go rase up on your hands and feet like you will do the bridge and let lose. Make sure we can see the pee coming out. Also make sure that the stuff you wear is really tight so it squeezes your bladder area.

If you don't do that. Then next time you have to pee you have to get a friend to tickle you until you do. Then upload it to YouTube so I can see it. Make sure your wearing tight things and we can see the pee.

Or you can drink so much you pee and upload that but make sure you have to pee first.

Lay on your stomach after drinking 25 bottles of water then put a full bottle of water under your blatter area hold it for 2 hours

Message me. ill think of a good challenge

I love all these elaborate responses. How about, drink more water than you can tolerate, get on a plane, fly to London, no peeing in the air, or on the Heathrow Express, come see me and I'll feel your bladder to see if its full enough. If not, we'll go for a drink, if so, you may pee after full bladder sex ;)

<p>Drink lots of water, maybe some tea or beer before you go to bed. But dont pee beforehand. When you wake up, drink 4 cups of coffee, turn all the taps on, and put on a bikini, a one-piece, and then the shortest skirt or shorts you can find, and wear a top that covers it almost completely. If your shorts have belt loops, put the tightest belt you have and then put a padlock or three if you have any, and throw the key in a place you wont find it. Then drink a bottle of iced tea. Watch some videos with flowing water, then do three Misterpoll quizzes. Drink a large glass of water every hour, and maybe do the splits while drinking. If you suddenly rush to the toilet at any time, you are to take all your clothes off except the bikini, sit on the toilet, count to 60, and stand up, flush the toilet, put your clothes back on, with the padlocks, and wash your hands WITHOUT RELEASING A DROP! If you release anything, you must drink three cups of coffee. If you do any chores, make sure they put maximum strain on your bladder. If you complete these without soiling yourself, you can release some pee. But it must be in the smallest cup you can find and it is to be filled only a quarter of the way, and you can only have your shirt and skirt/shorts on. NO PANTIES! If you fill any more than this, you must drink three glasses of water and a cup of coffee. If you fail to complete them, you are to take off all your clothes and hide them where you cant find them, maybe lock them in something and throw the key away. Then just hold until you soil yourself. And film some of it. If you make until the next morning, you can end the challenge. If you dont, you are to take off all clothes and be naked until the day after the next.

I'm with you, Seeds, those are my favorite and limits also.

Wear a bikini under a skirt. Order some takeout when you're really desperate. Wait for the delivery guy to arrive. and whilst' he's there, there peeing a little, just short spurts. See home much u can let go of before he notices - or doesn't notice if you can be super subtle

and of course wear one of those go-pro head cam things so we can all see the reaction of Mr Dominos pizza

I have a suggestion reply to this and I will tell you it!

The next time you wash your car do it in a pair of white nylon or silky feeling panties and a bra.people want really know the difference.they will think you really have a bikini on .only you will know.drink a lot of water before you go out maby 3 hrs.before you go out side and hold the pee as long as you can then squat down like you are washing your tires and pee just a little.then finish washing your car.now you are about to burst but wait,now start drying it off .you finish now you can flood your panties with pee while leaning against your car drying the windows and wear them all day around the house and when you have to pee again go to the toilet with your panties still on and pee in them again.do that all day.

think you should be clean all the day. You must drink, but no one drop of pee.. you are aloud to sit on the toilet without panties, but of course no drop out. Stand up and go away from bathroom bursting still.<br />
It is better if you would be in skirt and without panties...<br />
at the afternoon empty your self on a half (two-three glasses) and go to bad... you may ********** whenever you want)<br />
so you will start at the mourning and finish 24 hrs past. and only 3 glasses of pee aloud. good luck ;)<br />
<br />
tell your story then)

Start at night, and go into the morning. You should plan to wear white cotton panties under a light color mini skirt and and light shirt with a white bra. Have plenty of water that night, and even some alcohol. Wear your panties to bed that night, but don't go pee before you do. Wake up really late in the morning... if u manage to make it.<br />
If you are a bad girl, and wet your bed throughout the night, I will bend you over my knee and spank your wet bottom then make you go back to bed and lie in your pee til morning. If don't wet your bed, you awake late that morning with a full bladder. You manage to shower without peeing, even tho the pressure is great. You dress in white panties, and your short skirt. Then you go back into the bathroom, pull up your skirt in front of the mirror and pee your panties. You go for minutes, soaking your panties, and your skirt. I come in as you are going. I pretend I am not turned on, that I am angry and I must punish you. I force you on your knees, face near the floor soaked with your pee. I tell you you had better clean it up, but I won't give towels. You must either lick it up, or use the clothes on your back to clean it up. You pile your pee soaked clothes at my feet.. all but your soaked panties which are still on your body. I bend you over th toilet and fiercly spank your soaked bottom, you pee all over my hand and I wipe it on your hair and face. I hand you your clothes back and tell you to get dressed, then I make you stand in the corner of the room until you are dry.

Easy.<br />
<br />
1. nice, tight, light blue denim jeans.<br />
2. a full, full bladder.<br />
3. a major wetting, in front of the mirror, whenever it feels right, and<br />
4. photos. here on EP. as soon as you are done. (you didn't say no pics!) :)<br />
<br />
No need to show your face if you're not comfortable with it. Looking forward to enjoying them!<br />
<br />

How about drinking a 2 lt bottle of soda. You have all day todo this but no peeing allowed. The Bikini idea is good too. Hope you post photos :)