Holding Contest At Calypso

This is my first story so I hope that it turns out ok. Anyway this story is about me and my friend at a water park called Calypso and how torturous it turned out to be (mostly for my friend.) 

Well it all started that morning when we decided to have a holding contest to see who could hold out the longest with all the water around us (I had no clue that my friend had a shy bladder and could not go pee in a public washroom.) It was a long and hot car ride and by the time we got to calypso all the water that we drank had started to take affect, but both of us (being the morons that we are) were to stubborn to use the restroom and decided to hit some of the rides. So being a thrill seeker (shelby) and an adrenalin junkie (me) we decided to go on some of the craziest rides in the park:
-canyon rafting

(this did not go over well by the way)

After we went down almost all of the rides we decided to try and go to the washroom (at this point shelby told me that she had a shy bladder and I thought that she was just joking until the car ride home)

During the car ride home I noticed how shelby was unusually quiet  so I looked over to see if she was ok and I saw her almost in tears gripping her vagina. At the time I thought that she was going to loose it so i told my mom to stop at the nearest restrant which was 20 minutes away in armprire (I felt so bad because I didn't know what I could do to help at the moment.) When we finally got to the restrant she still couldn't go so she still had to wait about an hour before we got home ( when you looked in her eyes you could see nothing but pure torture.) When we finally got to my house we still had to climb 4 flights of stairs to get to the apartment (i've never seen anyone that desperate move so fast in my life.) Once we were done with the stairs and got into the apartment all i saw was a flash go by and heard the bathroom door closing (i never saw shelby for a good 15 minutes.) When shelby came out of the washroom you could see relief written all over her face, and that's when we both agreed never to have a contest when going to a water park again.

(If you want the longer and more detailed version look under my friend shelby - hotgirl729 - )
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you should have went tell someone wet them self

i remember that veryy painfull! btw to anyone reading this i have the longer version =)

i know it was crazy!

Did you delete the long version? I can't find it anymore.