Peeing Whille Being Filled Up By Daddy

Once I dated a man who loved to play my daddy. he loved to give me enemas and make me hold thim til I "pee-peed for daddy". He wuld put me on his kitchen table and hang a big red bad from the light fixture. It was very hot water and it was a 2 quart bag. He would speak very sweetly to me and say "ok daddy is gonna filll his little girls bottom up and clean her out, and she will have to go pee for daddy before go to the potty He then would open the clip very slowly and begin to fill me up. He let it go in very slowly so I could hold it. He would go donwn and eat and finger me and rub me, and tell me how good I was and how sweet my little hole tasted. I could feel myself getting so full. some times he would use a vibrator or a ***** and stretch my small little hole. When I was so full he would say I had to pee for him. This was hard for me to do and took some time and concentration. But he would just lick and lick til I went pee pee in his mouth and he would drink it all up. he would tell me how good it tasted and when I could hold my bowles no longer he would help me up and take me to the potty and then clean me up and do it over and over...he loved to see my belly all swolen and to see my sweet little hole pee for him....and alot of the time he would bathe me and eat me more, including my ******* since it was all clean. He would sometimes let me have his "bottle" while he was filling me...I loved that daddy....
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Great story.. I wish I could meet a man like that.

Use a butt plug to hold your enema easier for more peeing pleasure