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The First Time I Drank Pee

The first time where i had a client who peed me in my mouth was about two monts ago as i had just started working as a prostitute.

I had just hooked up a client at the brothel and as we were still sitting in the bar he asked me if i was prepared to let him pee me in my mouth. I said yes and we went to the dirty room at the brothel. The dirty room is for watersports and scat.

As soon as we had entered the room he commanded me to kneel down in front of him. I did as he said and as i had kneeled down he told me to be a good girl and open my mouth. At the same time he had opened his pants and pulled out his ****. Now i knew i was going to have his pee in my mouth and drink it. I opened my mouth wide. He was now standing in front of me ready to start peeing and infact i was his pissoir. Suddenly i could feel his warm pee flowing in my mouth. I began to sink it. It did not taste as bad as i had feared. I could not drink it all as fast as it was coming so it was flowing out of my mouth too. Then he began peeing me in my face and on my corset. As he finished i was soaking wet. He then commanded me to clean his **** and i opened my mouth and i gave him a ******* until he came in my mouth.

Since this experience i have had a lot of clients for pee sex and i really like it. Just a few months back i could not see myself drinking pee.
CamillaD CamillaD 18-21, F 27 Responses Oct 30, 2011

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Wow, you are awesome.

Very very interesting...

Its hard to find a hooker to pee on or drink me pee... I have a lot of pee waiting for you to drink babe

Then you just have to come and visit me. I would love to take your pee :-)

wish i was in Europe

wow, that's really erotic.

Great story. I would love to be peed on by a group of people.

Yes i sometimes have clients for scat sex :-)

have you done any scat sessions ?

love your stories .. so hot .... add me please

DAMN, I need to go to Germany LOL!!!

Yes i often have clients who pees in my ***** and i like that :-)

Ever let a guy per in your *****?

love ur stories and ur experiences are straight from my fantasies... ive yet to find a girl (dont mind if its a prostitute) to do scat with. Where abouts is this place where they have scat rooms and ready girls? Im booking a flight right now hun!

Women certainly are the best urinals

Yes i do often pee or poop in my customers mouth and i like that too.

wow that is so sexy. do you ever return the favour and pee or poo in the customers mouth as i find it more of a turn on to have you use me than for me to use you. i would love you to dress in a sexy dress or skirt or bikini and drink tons of water and use me as your toilet.i prefer the girl next door look to leather if you know what i mean

I liked

To Argent234: Yes i am in Hamburg now and i have had my first nights at the new club. I love the place and working there. It is very hardcore and very kinky things i do with my clients. I still do scat sex and i like it. Last night i had a client who pooped me in my mouth and afterwards he used his **** to press it down in my troath. I have also had a client who ****** me while i was completely covered in my own and his **** - i was so dirty and stinky!

Do you ever **** or **** your panties ?

Being a streetwalker is a very special sensation. A bit scared, a bit thrilled, and feeling incredibly slutty and sexy! And the excitement which comes from never quite knowing what might happen. Have you had any violent clients yet at the brothel? And, by the way, do you take any kind of drugs?

To Marianne: I dont know why my mom has a problem about what i do. My mom has never told me that she has worked as prostitute before recently and she is still not very open about it.<br />
<br />
I am moving to Hamburg on Sunday and i am having my last night at the club here in Amsterdam on Saturday. I have had a lot thoughts about becoming a streetwalker but i think i am ready for it now. I am still a bit scared about what could happen but i am also curious to try it. In less than a week i will know how it is.<br />
<br />
Love Camilla

love your story hun,i also love to pee and being peeid by a girl or otherwise.but i dont think i would do scat because thats a little bit to freaky for me,xxx

Good to hear that you parents now know the truth and respect you for it. But I wonder, if you mother has been a prostitute youself, why does she have a problem with her daughter being one?<br />
<br />
How are the moving plans going? How do you feel about streetwalking, now you have hade the time to let it sink in?

Thank you for all the comments.<br />
<br />
After i started having pee and scat sex with my clients i was a bit embarrassed to admit that i actually like it. Anyway from the comments in here i have discovered that i am not the only one who loves it and i have also noted that i get more and more clients who wants to have pee sex or scat sex.<br />
<br />
To Argent: To me pee and poo sex was a big turn on the first time i tried it. it was such a strange feeling the first time i was going to eat poo. I was bonded and the guy squat down over my face and started to press hard. Then i saw a huge shiny poo coming out of his *** and i knew it was going to have it in my mouth and eat it. Suddenly it dropped down in my mouth. I started to chew on it and sink it. It was not as bad as i had feared.<br />
<br />
Yes i like cleaning my clients ******** with my tongue - and i love if something is left for me :-) I always make sure that my clients get a nice clean *******.<br />
<br />
Yes i am fixed under the toilet chair my mouth is the sink. <br />
<br />
To Sue: I love doing what my clients want me to do :-)<br />
<br />
Yes i do let my clients **** me when i am covered in ****. It is a very hot experience. I dont know why but the smell makes me very horny and **** mad<br />
<br />
I have read your story and i like it. I think dont think my farther would be happy if he knew i was licking my clients dirty ***** and even letting them poop in my mouth. <br />
<br />
By the way i have now told my parents that i work as a prostitute. They were not happy about it but accepted it. When i told it to them i had a big surprise. My dad told me that my mom was working as a prostitute when he met her. I have never been told that before.<br />
<br />
Love Camilla

wow you are a real ******* dirty ****. i like reading about what you do. this is new to me. i have not heard of any one doing this.makes me think. how dirty sex can be sexy. thanks.

To Argent234:<br />
<br />
Yes i like scat sex. Before i tried it for the first time i thought it would be disgusting but it turned out to be a big turn on for me. I have one or two clients every week for scat sex at the club. I do let my clients **** me in my mouth if they want to do that. I also like to spread it over my body. After the guys have **** i always lick their ******** clean. In the dirty room we have a special toilet chair for scat sex.<br />
<br />
Love Camilla

wow you really turn me on camilla. would love to do scat **** sex with you

wish i could meet you now and enjoy a pee **** with you

That is so cool! You are such a sexy ****. You obviously made the right career choice.<br />
<br />
I dream of coming to Amsterdam just to suck you and **** you.