I Peed On My Lover..

I'm not sure how it happened, or how we ended up reaching a point of peeing on each other. But I had a lover for a number of years and we had the most amazing sex life. We used to meet at least twice a week after work.. Have a bite to eat, a glass of wine and go back to his rented apartment ( a secret rented apartment) and have mind blowing sex. One time he whispered in my ear that he would love me to pee on his erect penis. I was quite taken aback and had to drink several glasses of water before I could do this. I had stage fright and the whole idea was a little foreign to me. But I think this progressed to this point because he would always come into the bathroom and watch me sitting on the toilet naked with my legs open and peeing. On a another occasion he asked if he could put his hand in between my legs while I was peeing and feel my warm pee and again I was surprised but it made me very horny. We had an amazing session after that. To get back to the peeing on him... I straddled him while he was lying on his back and positioned myself over his erection and concentrated and peed. Oh my gosh, it started as a trickle and then flowed out, all warm and pungent. He pulled me up to shoulder level and of course my pee stopped and he put his mouth over my lips and vagina and sucked. The sucking tickled and aroused me and a little squirt of pee shot out of me. I clenched my muscles to stop myself and he kept sucking and licking, I got braver and dribbled more pee and he got more vigorous with his intentions and I finally let go again. He sucked every drop, drinking and slurping my pee, I was amazed and I felt empowered! Here was a CEO of a multi national global company, a listed company on the New York stock exchange drinking my pee.. Not only drinking it, slurping and suckling me, begging for more wee wee... Wanting me to hold my labia open so he could tuck right in and swallow it all. It was a serious mind f@&$!!!! I felt so powerful!

We had many pee pee games after that. He enjoyed peeing on me. He would ask me to lie in the empty bath naked and he would get naked too and stand beside the bath holding his rather large penis ( the man was hung like a horse) and pee on me, from that distance - he was 6.4" , his pee splashed and splattered onto me.. A hot yellow stream of splashes puddling under me. He would ask me to rub the pee into my body until I was wet and glistening with his pee, concentrating on my erect nipples, pinching and pulling on them. I would hold my breasts together and he would pee onto them. Then move down to my open legs, a leg straddled over each side of the bath.. Me open and vulnerable and he would aim his penis at my open cunny and pee a force of pee directly on my clitoris. Oh my word, that was good. When he had finished, he would help me up out of the bath, wrap a warm fluffy white towel around me and carry me to the bed and dry me off. Then he would take the hand towel and fashion a type of diaper between my legs and make me have a few glasses of water, then press my pubic bone and whisper for me to pee pee. If I couldn't he would open the "diaper", open my legs and open my lips and go down between my legs and lick my uretha, tickling it with his tongue. He would take an ear bud and stimulate it and I would clench and he would tell me to stop clenching and I would have to stop. The feeling was so strange it sensual at he same time. He knew where to press me and stimulate me. After a few seconds I would involuntarily start to pee. The pee just flowed out of me without me knowing how to stop. He would then press the towel between my legs and pull the edge up between my labia and pull up and down in a sawing motion and I would be so aroused. All the pee, the wet towel, all warm and my arousal so strong. After I finished he would take the diaper like towel and rub his penis, which by now was as hard as a rock. Then go back down between my legs and lick my **** and push his long elegant fingers inside me, pressing one finger close to my anus and then pushing it inside me. All this attention, clitoris, vagina and anus all at once and I would scream out with the hugest climax I would ever have... That man knew his stuff, even though he had the pee pee fetish. He would then push his huge penis inside me and impale me and hod me up against his chest, with his hands under my bottom and him kneeling on the bed and finish us both off. He was the best lover I ever had... I loved that man.. Through him my love for pee developed and we enjoyed each other's pee...
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4 Responses Jan 22, 2013

Wow that was amazing, I'm female but so aroused by that! Thank you so much ;)

WHOA! Here is the story that gets my vote for hottest! Thank you!

I love rolling around in the puddles on the bed....and rubbing pee-wet bodies together....mmmm. Exquisite!

What a great experience. I would love sharing the same thing with a lover.