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Peed Inside My Wife's *****

When we get really horny we get kinky as well.  A few times I've spread a tarp under the sheets, and have peed on my wife's **** and *****.  One night I got so hot I told her I wanted to try to pee INSIDE her *****.  She spread her lips open for me and I entered her.  We ****** for a few minutes, then I relaxed and told her I was going to do it.  It took a while, but eventually the first dribble squirted inside her.  "Oh it's hot!" she giggled.  Then I relaxed more and began really drenching her.  She said it felt great, like one long, hot, wet *** shot.  I emptied my bladder inside her *****, then pulled out and came on her ***** and then went down on her and ate her until she came for me.  She's tried to pee in my mouth but just can't seem to let herself go enough to do it.  Pee sex is fun, harmless, and kinky.  If you enjoy it, what the hell... spray away!  Love it!!!

Craver Craver 66-70, M 2 Responses Mar 27, 2010

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Tried this last weekend.... very hot times when I could lick some pee from my gf *****. <br />
I tried to pee inside her but still learning how to pee with an erection. I'll keep practicing tho.... I settled for ******* on her ***** and cleaning her off

My wife has been ******* in my mouth and on my face for years. Its hot!