Daddy Giving His Girl An Enema And Having Her Go Pee Pee In His Mouth While He Licks Her

I just love it when daddy lays me on the bed on my backand spreads my little ***** and licks me while he fills my behind up with warm water. He is so sweet to me and licks me so softly til I moan and really have to make a tinkle. Then he drinks it right from my hole...he says it taste sooo good. Then he keeps licking me til I am so full with my enema and he forces me to hold it as long as I can and continues to lick me....then he helps me to the potty and I release. He cleans me up and then lays me donw and does it all over again...he wishes we knew a mommy who had milk so I could nurse while we did this....mmmmmm....any daddys want to play with me like this?

haley45 haley45
41-45, F
3 Responses Apr 17, 2010

mmm would love to play with you

I would be your the best Daddy I can be. making sure to clean you up after your enema and never letting any of your pee touch the floor.:)

Yes, sweety...I'll be right over to help you :-) Maybe we can even try a pee-pee enema. Now hold still for Daddy......