Pee Tradition

I've loved pee pee games since I was about 4 or 5 years old, starting with peeing in my closet, into my toybox.  What really kicked it off was this next-door-neighbor girl, about my age.  One day, while playing over her house with her brother, we were all in their garage, and the garage door was closed. All of a sudden, my peepal pulled her pants down, began chanting something, then, while walking with her pants and panties around her ankles, she started toward the hamper, which was kept in the garage. She mounted the hamper and started peeing into it.  I walked up to her, and spread her legs agart so I could see if she was really peeing, and of course, to watch.

Since that day, my peepal and I played many a secret pee game in her backyard. She would always take the lead while I watched, except for one day, when she finally challenged me to pee myself  I was a little shy, but I did take down my pants so she could at least see my weenie, since she'd exposed her cute little ***** to me so many times.  She brought me an ampty coffee can to pee in, but I was just to camera shy.  She wasn't  too disappointed, but told me she wanted to see me really put on a water show someday for her for all the times she performed for me.

She got caught by her mother a few times, but my bold peepal was so much into the habit that her mother eventually gave-up trying to break her out of the habit as long as she peed on the grass or somewhere in the backyard as opposed to in the hamper.  One day, she even peed on the front lawn, with her short pants and panties around her ankles, and me sitting right beside her.

Finally, one day, she tried to pee, but just couldn't -- gues she had an empty bladder.  So in an effort to coax pee out of herself, she mounted her red wagon, which was parked on the side of the house, then managed to flip hereslf almost upsidedown so that her crotch was up in the air.  She then started fingering her ***** lips apart.  She asked me to "help her pee" so I started to help her finger herself.  Then, remembering her how I'd owed her a really good waterworks show, I unzipped myself, walked my weenie right up to her *****, and let out a strong, golden stream of warm liquid to her utter delight.

Many years later, I rediscovered my delight for watersports. When I'm super horny, I like to get really raunchy and saturated with **** from head to toe so that I smell like a stale urinal in the summertime.  My ****, my partners' ****, all mixed together - -it just drives my crazy, the smell of it.  My greatest fantasy is to be in a **** ****.  Oh, the delightful feel of warm ****, whether mine or someone else's, flooding onto my crotch is my idea of heaven.

For some years, I thought I was a rare bird . . . but since the advent of the internet, I've discovered to my delight that I have many a fellow pee connsaisseur.

If your a beginner or closet pee enthusiasts, there is no shame in what is a very natural joy.  There'sa lot of literature on the internet about this, and I encourage you to read up.


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2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

Delightful story, thank you so much for sharing it. I hope you have more just waiting to be written

Yep, I concur. There's nothing better that wallowing around with someone in a puddly bed, soaked and dripping with pee. Mmmmm.