What Fun!

So today I have the house all to myself... and you know what that means, yes a big  wetting! I stupidly peed when I got up but I couldn't hold it. the I grabbed 3 topressure was making my eyes water. After everyone left, I put on my depends and sat on the couch to watch some tv. I drank 2 16oz bottles of water and a tall glass of orange juice. by then it was 10:30ish, and my bladder was filling rapidly. I got up around 11 when a gigantic splash of hot pee came out, soaking my fresh diaper. I laid back down to rubthe warm diaper all over my swollen ****. I came which caused another small spurt to come out, ;ut I wasn't done yet. I made my way to the kitchen where I drank another bottle of water and washed dishes. For those of you who know what its like it wash dishes on a full bladder, you know how hard it is to stand still. I was standing with my legs crossed tghtly, trying so hard not to let a single drop of pee out. When I was done, I instantly put my hands down my sweats/leggings to close off my pee hole. I quickly hobbed up the stairs and dashed into the bathroom. I lifted the lid of the toilet but didn't go. Isat there with my legs spread, rubbing my pee hole and **** thru my wet diaper. I came again, then made my wy to my room. I grabbed 3 towels and did the potty dance. I let the rest of my diaper fill up, cut it off, the let the floodgates loose. I peed and peed until my leggings were soaked. I looked down to see the damage, and I had soaked through the 3towels! It's now 15 till 1 and I'm full again... 
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1 Response May 23, 2012

mmmmmmmmmmm sounds like you had a great morning. Want something better tahn depends try cloth and plastic pants then you can pee over and over plse add me Thannk you Great story