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Peeing Inside My Wife...the Best

I wanted to try this with my wife(she's 40 yrs old, looks 26,black, slender build. I'm white, in good shape, 39) for quite awhile so I asked her yesterday, and I said its like me ******* inside , only longer and hotter..and she said " giddy up" which surprised me. I had to drink a gallon of water and wait a hour and a half till I was close to bursting(on hindsight i wasnt quite full enough) She came home and was already pretty horny about the idea...
Anyway, I pulled the sheets off the bed and put some plastic mats on it, then a comforter on top...girls gotta be comfortable for this I figured. But when she got home I wasn't full enough, so while we were naked on the couch waiting around I petted her puusy for awhile and she was pretty wet, and I brought her to ****** right there just playing around. Usually that method is hit or miss with her.

So in a bit we go to the bed, and I'm thinking, no prob, I can do I get her on her back and jump right into her, a few thrusts,,, but I can't pee. I was so turned on by the whole thing I couldn't relax enough to let loose. Tried different positions...nada. But the trick seemed to be standing on the floor while she was just lying on the edge, ***** facing me, heels up, and I could feel more like I was just standing up taking a ****, **** just touching her vagina. I had to pull out for awhile then get slightly softer ****, then I started to pee a dribble, then put it inside her. I still had to concentrated a lot and tell her not to move cause it got me all super hard again. Anyway, this took an hour! She didn't complain cause she was pretty relaxed and still horny. The first few squirts inside her were fantastic, and she especially liked the feeling of whenever I pulled out and much urine splashed out. Maybe a cup. Then I would thrust inside her regular for a min, and it was a crazy feeling like very warm on my **** and fluid. She said it felt smooth and very warm. Then of course I got all super hard again and had to get off her and wait 15 min to calm down enough. Then I would concentrate on peeing and " Margaret thatcher naked on a cold day" stuff to relax enough to **** again. I would sometimes start outside her and get a small stream on her lower abs, ***** first, then quickly go inside, but not very far - maybe 1/2 way max. I'm about 7", so i suppose maybe i'm in less than half way. Then on this time I just sat inside her for 15 -20min, standing there, trying not to stiffen all the way, her with her knees pulled up by her shoulders...hard view to relax in front of, I will say:) but anyway, as I sat inside her I would really concentrate on peeing with my 2/3 hard **** and this time I could feel the streams getting longer each time. As I would push very hard to release, my **** would expand against her labia and it was a great feeling for both of us. Relaxation is the key and a mind that is really in Pee Mode. The feeling of urinating inside her is one of the best things I have ever felt.

So here I am peeing inside her and she really got off on it. I said it feels like I'm *******, just hotter and longer and I equate peeing with *******. I say " can u feel me ******* inside u?" she nods and is watching me.... I felt like I was really beginning to pump it into her like a hose a couple times. After about 5 pumps it gets harder to do it because i am harder and she is fuller and the pressure makes it hard for me to really push the pee out with my contractions. The whole time the feeling of standing there for so long half inside her with a 70% hard **** pumping **** into her was so arousing for me that my heart rate would go thru the roof, and the **** would start to harden again...rats.

As I was emptying and feeling like it is too hard to pee now because there is not enough fullness in me to push with such a hardon, I climbed on top of her and ****** her pretty hard with a vagina full of urine. She loved joking. So much **** came out during- maybe 2 cups, and that part was her fav cause it was super warm. So I just go go go **** her now, hearing all the slipery spalsh and feeling i want to ***, and say I'm about to ***, she says do it anywhere, and I say what do you mean ? On you? She says in, on, I just want it. Then " yes, *** on me babe, i want it on me, all over me" uh, , who are you? Lol, who am i to question? So I said ok and pulled out and came pretty hard on her abs... Something I never do, but I dunno, she was kinky that time.

Later she says to me " anytime you want to do that again,ANYTIME.." so will we be doing it again,,, uh hell yeah. Then half hour later I had to pee real bad and went like a racehorse down the toilet ...thinking what a waste of perfect pee and why couldn't I go like that inside her? Next time! I think it's a practice thing.
vancouverluvr vancouverluvr 36-40, M 4 Responses Jul 2, 2012

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I don't know why guys have such a hard time with this. I **** in my wife's ***** fairly easily. It's one of the hottest things in the world, especially if followed up with a cream pie.

What makes it even hotter is the fact that she doesn't know I'm peeing inside of her bald *****. Nothing like a little secrecy. ;-)

OMG!! That is SO hot! I would LOVE to experience that!

Must try this with hubby .... gets me horny thinkin of it .... cos i know i love when he pees on me that we must try while he is inside me now! You make it sound so damn good

did it again yesterday and it was even better by 10x. The trick was relaxing, holding still, being only 70-80% hard. I drank 2 litres of water before and this time managed to fill her up like a firehose in a waterbottle 6 times over the period of an hour of sex. I think it was the best sex she ever had. The feeling is beyond fabulous, and prolongs sex by a long while.