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My Bf Peeing Inside Me ;)

So me and my boyfriend have always been into watersports, peeing on each other, watching each other pee etc and it always makes me sooooo horny.
I came up with the idea of letting him pee inside me ;) so we gave that a try. We lay on towels on the bathroom floor, me on top, both of us with almost bursting bladders. It took a lot of concentration for him to manage it but eventually he did and oh my god! I could fill the warmth in my instantly and he pulled out slightly and it gushed out of all over both of us. He did some more and as it was filling me up it was running out of me, all over us and onto the floor, it felt incredible! Then i let myself go, my pee splashed up his belly and all over his penis and soaked him. When we'd both emptied ourselves we were lying in a pool of ****, our legs and hips were covered as was his back. We began to kiss each other and moan passionately before ******* each other as fast as we could. Needless to say it didnt take long for either of us to *** ;). It was soooooo incredible and hot
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Did you have any health problems afterwards? My girlfriend wants to try but we're kind of unsure about the possible health risks for her. Thank you.

I have peed in my wife's ***** & ***. She loved it feels amazing for both of us

Super sexy

My wife loves it...says the feeling of letting it fill up and then dribble out is most erotic.....

thats sound like fun and really sexy i have tried to pee in my gf but never had the balls to do it as she doesnt know about my fetish but wonder what she would say i could do it after i *** saying i couldn't hold it it just came out

hot times i always want a girl to pee while im inside her

Major stores sell plastic fitted sheets! Put those on then another nice thick fitted sheet and you have the comfort of being in bed along with the ability to pee and pee and PEE!!!

I've always wanted to try that with a woman

so you really enjoy it ?

wow thats really erotic and yeah im sure both of you is happy...hhmmm

love it!!

Love it!