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Peeing Inside My Girl

I will never ever forget the first time I experienced this. My girlfriend, lovely petite and Japanese, had let me know she loved pee play and we'd tried a few things -peeing in each other's mouth, over each other while naked in the garden, and in the bath and shower. One evening we decided to try peeing while in bed, and put plastic sheets over the mattress and then regular sheets. My girl had this idea to have me pee inside her vagina during sex play and we tried it. We drank LOTS then got naked in bed and started to play. she got me really hard and took me deep inside here with a very full bladder (hers was too)/I did not think I was going to be able to pee as I was really hard but she pressed really hard on my bladder bouncing up and down on me and I started to spurt pee inside her and once started there was NO stopping believe me. I emptied myself inside her and pee started squirting out everywhere. so hot. then she let her pee go totally while I was still hard and inside her c**t. SO hot. Will never forget this. We fell asleep in huge pool of pee and wet sheets, when we woke in the morning we had the most amazing sex. If you ever read this and recognise the occasion get in touch, I want to do it again.

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Thanks , for your story . It has inspired me to try this when the ocassion arises

I pee in my girls vagina every time she gets off on it bi over flow it while pounding it hard and it makes her *** over and over

I can say it is really awesome feeling and I recommend you to try it---

My husband has started doing this in me and I find it so wild and love the feeling. He loves me peeing too and we get so wet. Thank you for your story

Wonderful Diane, Thats my dream yet. However once I got my wife in doggy and i was ramping her *** hole, I was feeling hardto cumm as we had already done 3 times in her *****, So I just got the idea to pee in her ***, So I started peeing and filled her *** full with my pee.....when I took out my tool from her ***, a big dam of pee started oozing out her....I felt so nice when we were wet by my pee.....She was abit uncomfortabale...

How did he make the suggestion?

Sometimes things just happen and you know they will be enjoyed. We had pee played before and he loves watching me pee, so it was enjoyed by both of us

I definitely want to do that someday!

My ex wife used to pee in my mouth a lot. She had an incredable ability to pee on command. I have never met another woman that could pe like she could. It was most easy for her when I would tickle her ***** with my tongue. She would then begin to pee and I would try to drink it all so it wouldn't wet the sheets. I pee inside my new wifes *****, but I have not drank her pee. I have a feeling that she would think it is discusting. Sometimes I can taste pee when I eat her. It realy turns me on. I am glad to see that other people can enjoy pee like I do.

sounds good to try, just need a partner for it tho, aka a good loving woman

to tasmania i go

I used to do that too with my young wife, except we would each have our ****** first, then as a got a bit softer I was able to do it, I loved the way it flooded out around my penis and over my balls and bum, it was magic, but then she got all prudish and stopped doing it, I also used to let her squat on my mouth, so she didnt have to get out of bed, she would pee in my mouth and I would drink it or go to the toilet and spit it out. I am from Melbourne and I love Tassie