Public Places I Have Peed

Or rather peed myself...

Walking along suburban streets in daylight.
Walking along suburban streets when it's dark.
Outside hotels, and then going inside.
On rides at theme parks.
In queues for rides at theme parks.
On tube trains.
In the bar of a hotel in Paris whose name I can't remember.
Ditto hotel walking across the foyer from the bar to the lift, and then in the lift.
mikeplover mikeplover
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

Wow, I would love to see you do it! Do you wear tight jeans at all, or faded jeans where someone can see the pee coming out?

No - not tight - just regular like the ones in my profile pic. And I've not had the nerve to wear faded ones or light coloured trousers, yet - it's always been stealth wetting in something dark.

But one day, I want to be obvious.