I Did Tonight

i havent had a date as a cd in quite a while. im not very promiscuous even though i have a strong desire to be. i got an e mail from someone i have been with before and they wanted to get with me- knowing i dont live alone. of course my only alternative was to meet them late at night outside so i agreed. after doing my makeup and hair,i chose skinny jeans since it was chilly out. i put on a leotard style top and maryjane flats, hoop earrings and a black choker. it was very late so i didnt worry too much about being seen by anyone. my date arrived- we kissed and fondled as i was encouraged to **** my tight jeans. i did and then my date unbuttoned them and **** in them too! not finished ******* after that, my date encouraged me to kneel and take more **** in my face and mouth. ohh such a hot experience.i waited long enough! im weraing dry clothes now but i still have *** on my lips and in my hair. since i wrote this, ive only had one other exp. tonight i'm in my jeans and im gonna go outside and soak them. they are new and tighter .
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Dec 16, 2012