Threesum With Cousins

I think a lot of people's first sexual experiences come from family interaction. This doesn't mean all families have sex together. What i am saying is that being in close proximity we see each other naked (down south nekid) or hear sex occurring through parents door or catch your sibling ************. Curiosity with our bodies also makes it easy for family to be our first sexual experience. This is where my story starts.
During the family reunion of my 14th year our family hosted the reunion. Most of the family came and left on the day of the reunion cause the live close by. My uncle Wayne and cousins Tammy and Kim live out of state so they stayed with us for a couple of nights. We had a den downstairs where the kids were always exiled to and so we either played indoors in the den or outside. I wanted to watch a movie and my brother and other cousins left to go play football at the park. After awhile my cousins Tammy and Kim came down to the den in the basement and joined me in watching the movie. It is cool in the basement and i was laying on the sofa with a blanket on me. As we watched the movie there was a scene where the there was kissing and groping and after a few minutes Tammy asked me if I had kissed a girl other than my Mom. I said that I had kissed a girl at camp last summer. She then shocked me by saying she wanted to learn how. She came over and got under the blanket with me and then turned to me and we kissed. No french kissing just good ole fashion lip to lip sucking. It was a thrill for both of us and we were having fun till we looked up and Kim was standing over us and said I'm cold. Her sister let her in under the blanket with us. Kim then said she wanted to kiss too and she planted a wet one on my lips. I pulled back in surprise and she said it was different to kiss me than Tammy was. They both laughed and said they sleep together when its cold and had tried kissing before but never with a boy. For the next hour we laid there taking turns kissing and of course rubbing around against each other. As much as i tried to hide it our casual close contact was giving me a woodie. Eventually Kim felt it hit her leg and asked what it was. I said nothing and was embarrassed but Tammy said I felt it too and she said it was a penis. They both laughed and i tried to hide it but to no avail as I got harder.
Tammy was a year older than me and Kim was almost my age. Tammy said she had seen both of her brothers peeing before but she had never touched one. It was quiet for a little while then I felt a hand feeling for my **** and i tried to turn away but we were to close together and one of them got a good grip on Junior through my shorts. OMG that was a wonderful feeling. I just layed there trying to control my breathing as they both felt me up.
Then the door opened at the top of the stairs and we sat up quickly. One of my aunts came down to check on us and almost caught us. She left shortly and we were back under the covers. Kim grabbed my **** next and said "what happened it is smaller now". Her sister laughed and said to rub on it and it would get big again and she was right. She had seen her brother playing with himself and had watched him looking at there mom's friend in her bathing suit out by the pool. She said he kept stroking his penis till he closed his eyes and leaned against the wall breathing hard.
Kim said she wanted to see me do that and i said no way. We got back under the covers and then we kissed some more and then i felt a hand come down the front of my shorts. I just laid there and let it go as it felt so good. Then i felt some naked skin against my leg so I reached down there and felt Tammy's slit. I had only seen ***** in Penthouse magazines and now i was touching it. This went on for a little while when I suggested we go check out my tree fort on the hill.
We got up with the blanket and got situated in the tree fort. We had pretty good privacy so I suggested that we get naked and show our stuff. Kim refused but Tammy being older was already taking off her blouse and shorts. I took off my shirt and shorts and my woodie was sticking out of the hole in my BVDs. Kim was just staring at it while i stared at her sisters **** coming out from behind her bra. I had seen my sisters **** and hers were real big but Tammy was a lot younger than my sister. Tammy's **** were real nice though and her nipples were not that little. As she started to take off her panties I pulled down mine at the same time and Kim gives out a deep breath. Now both of these girls are looking at my dickus eructus. Kim reached out to touch it and Tammy said no it was hers because she had agreed to and did *****. So Tammy and I started checking out each others "naughty stuff". Of course i went right for her **** and stayed there till she moved my hand down to her *****. I pulled back and said "you peed on yourself". She laughed and said that she got wet whenever she played with her little button but its not pee. She showed me her little button all the while still fondling my ****. This was getting real good. I was touching her little button and her ***** started smelling different and it was making me woozy all the things i was feeling. Then I looked over and Kim is undressing. Now she hardly had any **** at all and she had no pubic hair either unlike her older sister who had a little fur patch going on. My **** gets jerked hard and Tammy demands i pay attention to her so I do. We lay down and start kissing and rubbing and feeling each others stuff. Now I start feeling two hands on my **** and i look down to see Kim looking closely at my rock hard **** and touching it and my balls. She is also touching her sisters crotch and rubbing on it too.
Tammy sits up and demands that I suck on her **** which i do quickly. She starts moaning softly and Kim keeps both hands busy on her ***** and my ****. In a few minutes Tammy moans loudly and leans back against the wall. I stop and ask if she is okay and she says she feels great. Tammy then pushes me down on my back and slowly tries to sit on my ****. She said she had seen her Mom do this to her Dad and she wants to try it. I had seen pics but never done this either. She tries and tries but she can't get my **** in her *****. After almost breaking my **** all i got was about an inch inside her *****. She rubs on her little button some and then she spit on her hand and rubbed my **** till it was wet and hops on me again and slowly I slip into her ***** then she cries out and i go all the way in. I *** immediately and I feel like a fire is burning down below and it is real good. Tammy starts to move around on me and it is driving me crazy with pleasure and she starts to moan again and she is almost screaming at me. Then she smiles and says she is a woman now. I think so what just keep moving up and down which she does till we both go crazy ******* again. She pulls off and lays down next to me and we stare at the ceiling together. In a minute i hear Kim go its my turn as she grabs my **** and starts rubbing it. And in a minute it is rock hard again (I wished it would do that now). Kim leans over and kisses my **** and I start to moan. Tammy goes what are you doing as Kim licks my ****. She said she had seen a book on sex in Moms drawer that showed how to do this and that men love this. Well this boy loved it. After some licking and sucking Kim tries to mount my **** but I don't get in an all. Kim sticks a finger in her ***** and Tammy sucks on her ***** (i guess they do more than sleep together) and nothing makes Kim to where my **** will go in. She is just too little and yes I don't have a huge **** but it is to big for her young little ******. We then hear the call for supper and have to quit.
Our family reunions were always fun till everyone got married and went there ways. I guess that's why they say no one is closer than family!!
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May 20, 2012