Girlfriend's Roommate

It was my sophomore year in college. I was dating a girl for a high brow college next to my state school. My girlfriend at the time was great, big ****, awesome personality, love to suck my ****, the whole thing. I had five other roommates and she had a rather stuck up, pretentious, prissy blonde roommate. Her roommate, was pretty cute, nice little body who was dating her high school sweetheart that was attending a ivy league hundreds of miles away. My girlfriend relished being the "bad girl" she was on a full scholarship and didn't give a **** what all the other kids thought of her. she'd spend her nights partying with my buddies and go to class hung over and still do better than her nerdy classmates. Most of the time she'd be hanging out with us and practically lived in my dorm but there were nights that we spent in her dorm. one of the most memorable nights was shortly after halloween. We had been out at one of the local watering holes and after a night of libation were both super horny. we agreed to go back to her dorm. When we stumbled into her dorm room and turned the lights on her roommate was asleep. Without a second thought my girlfriend began to take off her clothes and told me to get naked as she turned off the main lights and to my suprise turned on the lamp near her desk. Her roommate stirred and pulled her comforter down to her waist. this little blonde beauty was wearing a little white t shirt with no bra and we could see her erect nipples poking out. As my girlfriend unhooked her bra she commented on how cute her roomies little nipples and **** looked. I said they were cute but I couldn't wait to suck on hers. As I unbuckled my pants I could've sworn I saw her roommates eyes open slightly. My girlfriends panties were off and as she got into bed I pulled off my underwear to reveal my throbbing hard on. "Now that's what I want" she said as she leaned forward on the bed. As I neared the bed, I could see that her roommate was awake and had moved her blankets of to the side to reveal her sexy little blue string bikini panties. Before I could climb into bed my girlfriend put her hand on my stomach and started to suck my ****. To this day I haven't had a blow job that compares to her. She was sucking me slurping and stroking, my hand holding her hair so I could take in her **** sucking to the fullest potential. I turned to she her roommate still sort of pretending to sleep but her hand moved up to her right breast, revealing her nice tight stomach. I was moaning loudly now encouraging my girlfriend to suck my **** even harder. her roommate had lifted up her shirt revealing her cute pink nipples, one hand coyly massaging her ***** lips through the thin fabric of her panties. My girlfriend took my **** out of her mouth and I moved on top of her, lifting her right leg up so her roommate could get a good view of me entering her *****. I slowly began to thrust and grab my lady *** with both hands and looked over to see her roommate had slid her panties down to the top of her thighs to reveal the sexiest little blond bush I'd ever seen. My girlfriend was panting with my deep thrusts loudly, asking me to **** her harder. I looked eyes with her roommate asa began to really pick up the pace and began to **** her hard with powerful deep strokes. Between strokes I'd look over to see the roommate grinding her little ***** on her fingers, one finger inserted deep into her tight ****. I took out my ***** slicked **** and turned my girlfriend over, and positioned her at the end of the bed and stood up, this didn't bother her roommate at all, her eyes got bigger as she stared at my glistening ****, entranced by my girlfriends gapping ***** again I entered her from behind slowly, listening to her moan with every inch i put in her in until I could feel her *** on my pubic hair. I slowly pulled back as she cooed begging for it hard. Who was I to deny her a good hard ****? So I began to **** her ***** hard. the room echoing the slapping of my balls on her **** coupled with her not so silent sounds of pleasure. Her roommate uttered a slow moan of passion as well and I could see my girlfriend turn her attention from the monster **** filling her ***** to her roommate ************ at the sight of us *******. My girlfriends sounds of pleasure suddenly got louder as she reached up to manipulate her clitoris, breast swinging in the air. when she asked "do you like that" I wasn't sure who she was asking" both of us were staring at her shy roommate panties pushed down to her thighs, shirt pulled up to her neck writhing on the bed 3 feet away from us. But that didn't matter, I was on a mission to show both of them how a real man bangs out his lady as I pushed as deep and fast as I could with my **** and gave her *** a good hard slap.
Before I knew it we were all on the verge of ******, my girlfriend trying to **** me as hard as I was ******* her and her watchful roommate manipulating her ***** like there was a gun to my head. *** on my **** was the command that I obeyed as my girl flipped over and I stroked my **** to completion, spraying my *** all over her belly,**** and face. My girlfriend stood up dripping in *** and I swear she flashed a smile at her roommate as she wiped my ***** off of her and turned out the lights.
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36-40, M
May 14, 2012