Maybe This Site Is Too Open Minded

Since joining EP I have seen more weirdos, perverts, CDs, Ts, TGs, diapermen, poopers, men wanting other men to **** their wives, cover their wives in *** OH MY GOD I never knew there were so many screwedup people in the whole ******* world and they are all here. I have nothing against these people or their life styles I just wish they would form their own site and everyone would be happy. I know that this post will probably **** off a lot of people and I`m sorry I am a male interested in women, I do not want to see ***** or a mans *** or how they dressup for Mardi Gras and I`m not interested in standing in line behind a hundred men to screw some nasty woman that has *** coming out of every hole she has. Thank you
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Oh, and by the way, since you are a "Stalker" here on EP, I am going to go ahead and BLOCK you so that I will not feed any of your tantrums by accident, Ok?
Ok ... Bye :)

Since you are a member of EP ... Then maybe you are the same as you are decrying? Since you are an active member of EP, then maybe you are as "Screwed-Up" as the people that you are shaking your tiny, empty, fist at?
If the Site bothers you so much, then why are you here?

Hahahaha!!! This is the best story I've read yet....made my day!

I think you'll find that on most community sites such as this where people are free to post whatever interests them. You are always going to find them no matter where you go. I do wish people would post whatever it is they want to post but to post it in the appropriate group or board, that might help people who don't want to see that kind of stuff be able to steer clear of it and keep everyone happier. But for me, it's not a big deal.....but while I have my quirks, I find this site somehow has the right balance. It's doesn't overload you on the stuff you think of as strange but it does have just enough of everything to keep you interested and coming back. I've met some great people here with a variety of interests though but I wouldn't say that any of them are screwed up...we are all just different! Trust me Pmac....and I mean everything I say here with the utmost respect and sincerity to you because you are entitled to your opinion and choices just as much, but there are some other sites around that make this site very mild, really this is pretty tame!

I don't really care... I make my own choices by the groups I join and the people who are in my circle. I figure what ever gets you through the night if you are not harming someone else!

This site has done a DRAMATIC change from what it used to be..... I think PIXELITA is to blame! ;-)

I am chilled, if I was any chillyer I would be ice.

I've seen this site change since I joined 3 years ago... ;-(