Heart Attack.

A few minutes ago I felt a pain in my chest so I took a pull on the Nitro spray.
No reaction just foul taste. I therefore assumed I was o.k.
I'm not.
I started to sweat,it all went dark to the very verge of passing out had a pain in my chest and felt like the top of my head was being ripped off, I staggered to the loo and threw up, staggered back and sit now, still sweating, very weak.
derekdob derekdob
56-60, M
2 Responses Dec 4, 2012

Dude! Get your *** to the doctors! More than a whitey that one....

I know, in myself it wasn't. I'd just been unloading a grocery delivery into my cupboards and may have done too much. Had a major heart attack a few years ago so I know the signs etc.I'll mention it to him next week when I SEE HIM.

dont shout at me you will make me cry..... *tears up*

sorry, bloody caps lock

Hope u feel better soon

much better this morning thank you.