During Winter...i...hibernate.

I close the curtains,change the light bulbs to daylight ones and fluff up the cushions on my sofa.
I hate Winter.
I slow down even more,, my taste for sounds moves away from my playlists.
I need a background sound to accompany my thinking, so I switch so smooth or lounge Jazz.
I have just stockpiled my food and drink; possibly a little too much on the drink, but hey ho here goes!
I have promised myself to turn on the heating if it gets really cold,hell I am lucky I can afford to.
I think of many other ways I'm lucky.
Dope dealer is neighbour....isn't that lucky!
Louis Armstrong, sings Wonderful World.John Lennon answers with Imagine,
and all's well with the world.
I may venture out to the shop on the other side of the road, but for the most part I will stay in.
Safe, relaxed, at ease, tranquility, often nicely stoned.
Sounds drifting in the background.
See you again when the fishing starts.
derekdob derekdob
56-60, M
1 Response Dec 10, 2012

Nice poem