A Close Friend Was Cheated On And Is Devastated. What Should I Do To Support Him?

My friend found out last night that his girlfriend of two years has cheated on him multiple times (in an especially heinous way). He is of course absolutely miserable. To top it all off, his girlfriend is being remarkably callous about what she has done, although she did apologize and claim that she wants to stay with him. He's furious and knows he should break up with her, but wants her back because he depends on her so much emotionally.

What should I do in this situation? So far I have just been talking with him and supporting him, feeling his pain, urging him to break up with her, and saying that he will recover from this. Is there anything I should be careful to say/not say?
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3 Responses Dec 11, 2012

Just don't be his rebound

things have a way of working themselves out,,,all you can do is be a friend and let him know your there to be friend when he needs one,,,and don't really get to involved that could be a big mistake,,wonder how she cheated on him in a heinous way many times

Thank You Mr. Rjschoch :)

Its mainly his choice but if you want to give him some of your own advice go ahead.

just dun want it him to get in troubles for a stupid girl