They Are Intelligent And Have A Gentle Soul

I think that being open minded and accepting is a sign of true intelligence and gentleness of the soul.
It's a sign of intelligence because that means that you have realized that every one is different and that there is nothing wrong with that. It is the diversity in life that keeps it interesting. I sure wouldn't want to live in a world were every one and every thing was the same. It also shows that you understand that no one has the right to judge others, we all have things about us that are different.
Being open minded is a sign of having a gentleness of the soul because you don't have a cold, judgmental heart. You don't hurt people needlessly by telling them that they are wrong just for being who they are.
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How do you think of people who are the epitome of everything that society says is wrong though? If someone believed that they are not good people, does that make them closed minded? I always have trouble with that myself. I have trouble with people who can't treat people nicely. Am I being a too judgmental? I'm talking about sexist people, racist people and people who hurt others' feelings without regard. I am usually of the opinion that you don't have to like everyone to be open minded. I also think that if you can persuade a person to be more loving, then you should try. Or to at least challenge their belief so they might think about it more. Now that i'm writing that though, it sounds hypocritical. Maybe I am not being loving enough.

There is a difference between accepting and liking someone. I can accept you for who you are and yet not like your personality. What acceptance means is that you don't automatically have a problem with someone just because of some characteristic or attribute. The only time I have a problem with someone is when they cause harm or damage to another. Just because I don't like bullies doesn't mean that I don't accept them for who they are. I will always try to understand people and why they do the things that they do but I will never take abuse and I will always stand up for those that can't. If that means that I am not loving enough because I won't let someone cause me or others harm then I guess I am just not loving enough and I am fine with that.

Well put. That gives me hope lol. I think i'm in the same boat as far as bullies go. I always try to understand why they act the way they do. I usually have some small measure of sympathy for them, but that certainly doesn't mean that I like them or tolerate their behavior. I don't feel like I dislike people just for having a different personality than me. I tend to just not talk as much to those people because I feel like I have less in common with them. It's harder for me, being a shy person, to start meaningful conversations with people who are a lot different from me. I think I'm constantly on a quest to be more open minded though. It's definitely a challenge sometimes. Especially when people are rude to you or if you are really comfortable in your opinions. Sometimes it's hard to just have humility or to openly accept criticism.

Thank you, it is truly how I feel. That's one of the things that I struggle with, accepting criticism without taking it personally. It's not that I am over sensitive as it is that I have probably already criticized myself much harder. So it's actually easier to put all of my heart into your criticism than it is to put it into my own. I also tend to be more quite around people that I don't have obvious things in common with, a part of my own shyness.

Haha yeah that's pretty well how I am too. I'm alright with people questioning what I think, but I have a hard time being OK with the "You" kind of accusing comments. Usually just the wording can change everything for me. It can mean the difference between me understanding it or letting my emotions block it out. I hate that I do that. I am probably much harder on myself than anyone else ever is though too. I question every little thing about myself. I think it always shocks me if someone finds some flaw that I didn't notice before. It's kinda like "Great, I have another one to add to my list now lol" Not that it's really that big of a deal I guess.

That's it exactly. The wording of criticism changes how I take it as well. It has motivated me to watch how I say things so that others don't take things that I say as negative. I am also much harder on myself than any one else could be. I am trying to be more positive about myself but it's a work in progress.

Yeah I know it's so difficult. It requires changing all these well solidified habits.

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I agree totally with you, the people who cant accept other's opinions are weak and cant defend their own ideology in life, they just want to enforce their opinions on other people and just that it without knowing even for sure that what they believe in is right or wrong and when you try to show them the flaws in their ideas, they get angry and that's a sign of their weakness and the weakness of their beliefs