An Open Mind Is Truly A Gift.

I love people who are open minded. They are so easy to get along with and so easy to have a deep conversation with. I don't know how I compare to others in terms of that, but I tend to notice that I am more accepting than the majority of people that I meet (mind you I am still quite young and so are my peers. Younger people are usually more judgmental anyway I think). It seems to me though, that being very open minded requires you to unlearn a lot of things. I've been exposed to a lot of judgmental people and so I have learned to make snap judgments myself sometimes (this was one of those sad teenage attempts to fit in, I know). Now I have a lot of trouble sometimes to teach myself not to do that anymore. I tend to make a judgment and then think about it after and realize that I was being really biased or narrow minded. I hate when I realize that. I want more than anything to be able to love everyone equally. I want to be less easily offended by people who are not as careful with their words and to be less.....uncomfortable?? around people who just think differently than the mainstream. Funny thing is that most of the people I like the most, I would consider "weird" and they themselves would tell me they were. I take someone calling me weird as a compliment though. So anyway, what I want to know is this. What are your limits for open mindedness? What can you not help passing judgment on? What kinds of things can you not understand or tolerate? Thoughts?
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I have personally lived a very open-minded life. My family raised me to give everyone a chance because snap judgements limit the number of possible friendships.

I think for me, I judge others on mental and personality traits. If they are rude, if they act in a bullying manner, if they are content being unintelligent...I find that I dislike these sorts of people very quickly. I get irked and annoyed when someone cannot manage their own money. (My dad is an accountant and I'm very good at keeping my finances in order, so for me it just comes across as laziness)

So I guess my judgements don't come until I have actually taken the chance to get to know someone a bit.

Good question, and very well written!!

I don't think that's a bad way to be. I feel that way most of the time too. I usually have to know something about a person's personality before I make a harsh judgment and even then I try not to be too hard on them. After all, you never know what kind of a day they might be having or what struggles they might be dealing with. I know what you mean about the money thing too. I tend to be pretty careful with my finances but I have an older brother and sister who are both really carefree and spontaneous. I always find it hard not to say anything to them about how foolishly they spend their money sometimes. They are just busy living life though I guess. Making memories. I think some people learn by doing and by making mistakes rather than by heeding other people's warnings.

=) Exactly. Unless someone's attitude really disgusts me at the very start, I try to give them a break and look past it, because it could be any number of things affecting them.
But I've been on the opposite side, having snap judgements made about me, regarding my sexuality, my religion, my clothing choices. I try my best to be open and approachable, and have made friends simply because I have asked them why they feel that way about me. Sort of catches people off guard when you ask them why, instead of just jumping to offended and defensive!

As for the money...I love living my life, I love traveling. But I keep track of every dollar I spend, I chart all my income, I'm on top of things so I know if I can comfortably afford to go camping for a weekend here and there. My boyfriend is the complete opposite. He can blow through a few hundred dollars without thinking about it, and then be confused as to where his money went. I like knowing that I can afford to do things, without getting stressed about it later on. =)

Haha yeah I get that. I like your strategy of asking people why. That's nice. I think I might try that now. I've never been made aware of people who hate me though. If I have any haters then they sure don't speak up around me.

You're lucky for that, really! I've been bullied before by my peers, or been informed of things said about me. I always try not to get mad or take it personally. Usually, I find that the judgements passed have a lot more to do with the other person's problems than with myself. Being respectful of them is a big step to breaking down those barriers and letting them know its okay for them to keep their opinions, but asking that they at least take a moment to understand just why they feel that way. ^_^

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