I have a very caring and loving boyfriend who is away from me for a while. The distance is killing me I miss the affection and lovin, im an extremely affectionate and loving person. How do I cope with the new circumstances?
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They reflects me...

There is nothing to worry and cope about , you are one who truly cares for whoever they are with , so all you have to do is remind yourself who your with ,and how much you love them, and then do what is right and what your mind is set to, out of that love.

Wow thank you that gave me a lot more confidence about our situation

well, i would recommend you both getting skype or oovoo (video chat programs, both have an app version also) and keeping in touch that way

We do that as often as we can but I miss the physical touching and love, I crave it and im worried temptation will take me over. :(

I know where you are coming from.. If you are worried about temptations, have you tried touching yourself? I'm not trying to be a weirdo, when I'm away from home I get my gf to make me videos and tell me what she's thinking about.. It might be a good thing to try for you

Ok I'll try that

Okay :) if that doesn't work for you, let me know and I will try to help you figure something else to releive your temptations.

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