Some Notes About My Conversations Style - Reasons To Be Real With Me

We can be more real with some people then we can be with others. Here's how real you can be with me: *holds up a giant sign with the word 'real' on it... drops sign on foot" ouch. Anyway - if you're real with me, I might decide I don't sync up with you, and I might not be receptive to getting to know you. Some people don't sync up with some people - this isn't a flaw in either person, it's just the way it is. I'm comfortable talking about myself, I tend towards dominance (conversationally), but not strongly, I get submissive when I talk about certain sensitive subjects, I enjoy asking and answering questions, I focus on "me" and "you" rather than on "this" and "that", and I'm much more serious than I am silly. I'm a lot of other stuff too, duh, but that's the gist.

If you think you'd sync up with this style, then go ahead and be real with me. I won't bite... unless you're made out of candy, in which case I'm sorry but you're gonna get nommed. Maybe the real you won't sync up with the real me - I won't hold it against you.

In the long run we sync up with a lot more people by being real than we do if we fake it.
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2 Responses Jul 11, 2010

From a distance, your avatar looks slightly like candy.... nomnomnom!

Good point. I think a lot of people think they HAVE to sync with everyone, when in reality some folks just aren't compatible. And I giggled at the line about somebody getting "nommed" if they're made of candy!