One Word Responses And The Dismissal Of 'men'

Dont get me wrong, ******* a stupid person can feel just as good as ******* a smart one; but especially for this site, intelligence will always be sexier. And I dont necessarily mean 'book smarts', as I feel that empathetic proficiency is just as good an indicator of intelligence on a place like EP. If we are chatting and I just wrote you three paragraphs of a story line, responding with a single word isnt great conversation. Im not asking for high literature, but at least the comprehension that there is another person on the other end of that chat who is also trying to get worked up by you.

I sometimes get the impression that because there are so many dumbass guys here harassing women for their naked pictures, many of the women on this site feel comfortable grouping us all into the category "men" and dismissing us en masse. Im sure there are 90 drooling cretins who just told you that you have the most amazing **** ever, but now youre talking to an incredibly intelligent guy who would also throw you up against the wall and **** the breath out of you if we ever met. Have the comprehension to see the difference.

Im sure thats going to get me a few less friends...
olong olong
41-45, M
3 Responses Dec 12, 2012

lol I experience the same thing most of the time with chatting. Basic intelligence would be appreciated. Add me. we should totally chat. I don't think the issue is as much empathy as it is verbal proficiency--being able to convey those thoughts with the needed imagery and emotion--that or just plain lack of effort. Either way, I'm down. Chat me up. :)

Less friends? Not on your life. Why haven't I delved into your profile NY man. Intelligence is always sexier. You can stimulate my **** by stimulating my mind. And yes please, throw me up against that wall....

Great story. Yes we articulate few often get lumped in with the cretins. Thanks for sharing.