I Want To Believe There Are Lots Of Them Around...

...but they don't seem to be easy to find.  I do wonder why; perhaps it's that with all the attention our culture gives to sex, it isn't safe to be sexy if you have anything to lose.  I have  a job in which I couldn't afford for others to learn about my sexual appetites, so I have to be discreet; maybe most people in that situation are even more discreet, and simply don't seek others with similar interests and tastes.

It's also possible that there are a lot of smart people who aren't very imaginative; being able to retain a lot of information isn't the same as being able to be creative.  Adventurousness and creativity go hand-in-hand, it seems to me.

I've added a few people to my circle because I enjoy reading about their adventures...who else should I look up?

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2 Responses Mar 13, 2010

So add caution, discretion an maybe responsibility to the list of requirements then.<br />
<br />
Still workin tween the ears.<br />
<br />
Cool group you started howler.

I'm quite creative sexually and truly enjoy two or more men at one f***. I also really, REALLY get into older guys who aren't afraid to tell me exactly what they want from me sexually. Too bad we're not able to contact each other; I could've rocked your world.