Just Say It Already!

If you have a problem, and you need help, just freakin' ask.  No, it's not easy.  Yes, admitting that you are having a difficult time right now may be awkward.  But being honest with yourself and your situation will get you much farther than being in denial.

If you're waiting for me to come to you, why?  You're the one who needs the help.  Do you think I can read your mind?  I can't. 

Just be HONEST and SAY IT! 

And guess what?  I promise I will be honest with you.  If I am not able to assist you at this time, I will come right out and tell you.  Not hint about it, or tell you I will let you know and never get back to you.  And if I can help you, I will. 

End of story. 


This is a work related incident.  One that I am very upset about, and it could have been avoided if the person in question had just come to me and talked to me.  Times are tough all over.  But things can be done, agreements can be made.  But only if you're HONEST!!!!
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2 Responses Dec 2, 2011

Heyyyyy...!!! *takes bra and makes it into a slingshot*

If there is one thing that drives faeriemind to insanity is beating around the bush. Unfortunately, not many people are able to be open and honest; moreover with themselves.<br />
<br />
Maybe you can invite the person over some tequila. Alcohol always lull their guards down. ;p<br />
<br />
Or I can hand you my wand...