Would Jesus Have Liked Kentuky Fried Chicken ?

Dear Jesus,

Today my Easter dinner guests are all in their 80s and 90s. As you know, they are mentally challenged. They will forget why they are here, and they will not remember what they ate. After cooking big dinners for many years ( remember?) I am going to pick up some chicken at Kentucky fried. I hope you're not offended.

Jesus, I am weary. As you know, I care for mom DAILY....and I just don't have the energy to throw a big wing-ding in your honor. So, if you were here, would you prefer, original, extra crispy, or something closer to what you ate while on earth....oven roasted perhaps?
And what about the sides? I promise you , I won't pick the beans.

Nor am I making my traditional bunny cake... You know, the little bunny covered in fluffy coconut, sitting on a bed of festive dyed green coconut and jellybeans? I just don't have it in me this year, although I will miss that cute, yet gaggy marshmallow hostess snowball tail.

I think I will still be on your good side regardless, as I have had MUCH guilt over shoplifting that lipstick as a teenager. You took that so well, and I REALLY appreciate that about you ! I am thinking of you today.....and Thankyou for cutting me a break, yet again....you're good that way.

I feel a bit better now, thanks for reminding me it is not about the food.....but, for me and mine, it kinda is....as you know. Thank you, friend.
Ps....we are not very good at peace on earth ..... Any thoughts? Over and out, Kath
Pss..... I will STILL have much chocolate, tho ! Oxo, and hugs
Kathieredart Kathieredart
56-60, F
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I think he would have, It's pretty tasty, Apart from, Chinese, and Indian take away, KFC, is the only one I eat. Oh! Not forgetting good old English fish n chips.

Made me laugh. Made me imagine Jesus laughing too, shaking his head while biting a chicken leg and drinking wine and remembering his last supper: eat my body, drink my blood.

Thanks Kathie for making challenges look funny.

(((((((((Kathie)))))))) You are such a good and kind loving person and daughter. This world could take lessons from you on how to live life. xoxox Cholly. Ps. no guilt trips ever.

Oh Jeez... Was KFC on the menu again this year? We completely forgot about Easter and went to our favourite Costa Rican restaurant. Do pomegranate margaritas count? Hope that yours was pleasant! *BIG KISS*

You know, it's not very kind to make someone with a big ole surgery incision laugh... have I admitted to you yet that I have to wear an elastic binder around my middle to protect against the surgically-corrected hernia misbehaving? I now have to go tighten it because you made me howl.

PS: thanks for the howl!

Cinch YERSELF up, gal! Ever so thankful to have given you laugh, HerniaHowler. MUWAH

I may have to change my avi to "herniahowler" ... What, I wonder, would my avi look like???


Quite certain my hernia is just a tad sexier than that *wink

But of course! Love you to bits, sexernia!

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Slacker. Seriously, Jesus totally digs KFC...you know that secret recipe...well, yeah, who gave that round white suited man the secret...think about it.
Super, duper blast from the past post!!!

*cringes to admit she loves KFC* K-dart loves K-fried... there, I said it. *drools*

*giggles* I would never have guessed that about you. :)

This is fantastic! I've really been missing out being bogged down in the Q&A. It's funny, yet somehow poignant for me, and not the least bit irreverent. I think JC would like it!

Like you, I am aware of the Christian (Jesus) aspect of Easter, but enjoy the pure celebration that is Spring. Tomorrow I will have a ham sandwich. Lol....

I say Remember Jesus, remember Ishtar. remember Tammuz. remember Nimrod....As far as Jesus is concerned, what's the point of gratitude if you have no one to be grateful to?

Great read. My thanks to Lilt for leading me here.

Have a wonderful spring, nelladell. What is your favorite season?

Oh gee, KD, It's spring now, so I guess it's spring with its wonderful newness. Do you garden?

I grow flower gardens, but not doing veggies this year. I'm laughing because I was president of a garden club for 6 years, but "age" keeps me from going and going all day like I used to.
Know what I mean?

I'll just pretend that I'm going to set out some rose moss and begonias tomorrow, in spite of what Lilt says about annuals. Heh.

Ooooh, love begonias!

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What's for Easter dinner this year? Maybe spice it up a bit with some Taco Bell?

Haha! I'm thinking ham and cheese sandwiches on really good bread with gourmet mustard,
grilled. Not even kidding. What will YOU be serving?

LMAO!!! This is a great piece!

I think that Jesus would want you to buy potato salad and cole slaw as sides. Just tell them that they had ham with all of the trimmings if they forget what they ate, and remember to wear that stained apron that makes you look like you've been slaving away in the kitchen! (Jesus and I won't let out your secret to instantaneous hospitality...)

This was an old story I pulled up for the fun of it. Today I had lunch with Mom and the other residents. I ate slower than Mom, and she was way ahead of me on her pie. She finished hers while I had just taken one bite. She said,"That looks good. Where did you get that?" I said that I was too full for my pie and asked if she would like mine. Having forgotten that she had JUST eaten a full ham, potatoes, green bean, pie and icecream lunch, she ate my pie too. Lol. She is so darned cute.

My mother was like that, which made conversation really easy with her. We'd have a long discussion about something, and 5 minutes later, she'd ask the same question. (I think that she gave me senile dementia.) My father, who was fairly lucid until he hit about 96, was more fun because he could remember at least 30 minutes more than she could. They kept thanking me for taking care of them, and I didn't realize how truly important my work with them was at the time. It's scary getting old, not that I am, but I can project into the future and I'm glad that I have kids!

Your work with your mother means more than you could ever imagine, and I'm very proud of you!

One of the things that fostered respect for you when we first met, was the way you took care of both your aging and demented parents. You literally put YOUR life on hold to nurture and keep them safe. Well done. I don't really respect you all that much now..... Lol

Thanks... and not thanks. lol It's tough, isn't it? Everyone can tell you how great you are for taking care of your mom, but nobody knows what it FEELS like until they do it themselves. I still have dreams about changing their diapers! (EGAD!) You're doing a good job!

Mrs. Ohara enjoyed this conversation. And she joined in.......lol
Hugs to 2 great ladies.

One must put ones life on hold to take care of an elderly parent. I took care of my father his last year. Wonder if my son will do that.....lol

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So, so GREAT K-dart. For all you do for SO many... someone should make you a cola-ham :) Short of that, I think KFC is divine (even with a side of beans LOL). KFC, take me away (with a side of Calgon :)

Haha... This is an old story I pulled up. And we did have Kfried for Easter dinner. I honestly can't remember the last time someone cooked for me. *drools at the thought of a cola ham*
Have a spectacular weekend with those you love, Sylphy.

Kathi, I know your guests and Jesus, were all delighted with the feast. save the drumstik for me.Your warmth an love will be what they will hold in their hearts if not their minds.XX OO mini

EVERYTIME I see a drumstick from now on I'll think of you! Lol. Thanks Mini. Big hug....

After watching Dad take care of Mom for years while she was on that ride back to childhood I knew that God had a special place for him. I am sure that you will be in that same section.

You are such a kind person Climber...thank you for your continued support....and for digging up this older story...I see I have some comments I neglected to answer. Everything you have ever written to me has been so uplifting...thank you so very much. <3 ( EP version of a heart)

Appreciate it, but you are the one that had to deal with this very difficult situation first hand. I had one of the best Mothers that ever lived and I miss the lady she was. Dad had to live 24/7 for years and take care of the child she became. It took a lot out of the very strong man he is and would have probably crushed me. Are you still her care giver?

God! That was hilarious! <br />
Read it late enough but an awesome and light hearted read indeed. <br />
I'm sure Jesus enjoyed KFC's menu. ;)

Hi dancer...I'm sorry I didn't see your comment back when you were kind enough to respond.
Thanks Hon, my best to you. Oxo

First thing I've read on this site. It made me smile when I didn't think anything could.

Welcome to EP ! I think you'll find others who make you smile too! Thanks for stopping by...see ya around the neighborhood!

How can one tell if Jesus is your friend? By the way you can talk to and be honest with Him ... Good on ya ;)

With all my heart I miss you friend...are you ever coming back? I keep hoping to see you... :-(

Thank you for making me smile! Caithness

A happy day is wished for you....oxo

lmao.....thanks for making me smile...... Air Hugs...for all you do - you've brightened my day - AGAIN.....

Hello friend, well....it turned out ok....and one little lady thought we were celebrating Father's day....and offered to do the next holiday......Thanksgiving!

Great attitude and out look, my mom has stuff going on also, and i know it will get more with the age. I commend you for taking care of your mom. Unless someone has done or been into this caregiving, they have no idea what lies ahead. And on Jesus and dinner, I would say that he is already smiling because of you following his commands by looking after mom. He is flexable on dinner

Hello drummerboy..... I would imagine MOST children have no idea how it will feel when the rollreversal occurs..
Now I am the parent, and at 57.... I have a little girl....who will turn 80 this week.... Thanks so much for reading , and your comment.

You are too FUNNY!! I love this! :)

You just wait, you baby pup.... You just wait. I will be available for counsel, and we will temper our conversations with elation over shoes and dishes!

Have you been watching that "Semi-Homeade" lady on tv????<br />
She cracks me up...<br />
"This recipe calls for lemon juice. I don't have any, so I used Lemon Pledge."

I don't have any butter, so I'm using car wax.......

Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!<br />
Be sure to have the fancy platter along for the trip to the drive-thru. You can drive around to the back of the KFC and dispose of the red and white evidence.

Yes, I will hide the evidence,Lilt. ( not that it would matter ) And I will sprinkle paprika or parsley on the potatoes )
Happy Easter, pal. Oxo, Kath

Kathiereddart, you are a riot!

Gilly. Come for dinner....bring the husband and the kids....I will get 2 big buckets......coleslaw ?

Can't pass up Easter dinner with you!! And coleslaw.... Yes please! I'll bring cupcakes ;)