Why I Like Direct People...

i am like this, pretty direct and to the point.

My current boyfriend can't stand this, he likes everything fluffed up all the time. I am getting tired as it doesn't come naturally to me. I think there is a difference with people "saying what they mean and mean what they say" from people that talk the talk to keep people happy and don't follow up with action. My boyfriend doesn't seem to be able to see the problem with people just giving lip service and if anything finds direct people difficult to handle.

I like people that are what they are and accepting of themselves rather than pussyfooting around ideas. An example is a friend that says she wants to do something (to appease the group) but really she doesn't want to go to the same venue and is all the while bitching about the place when she gets there. I mean why bother in the first place?

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3 Responses Jul 16, 2010

I am in agreement.

Very much in agreement. Forgetmenots you sound like my kind of person.

Forgetmenots, I totally agree, totally,