Just Tell Me Like It Is....

Why do people...mostly guys in my experience.....have problems saying what they really mean? Don't give me any BS and lies. Just tell me the friggin' truth. If you say you're going to do something (such as call, come by, text, etc) at a certain time, then do it. If you don't plan on doing it, then don't say that you're going to. If you just want a piece of ***...don't give me "you're so beautiful," "I really like you," and all that crap...just say you only want a piece of ***. At least that way, I can decide if that's all I want as well. Don't try to make me believe something different.
RubyLane RubyLane
46-50, F
1 Response May 8, 2012

This is what I like too but it is difficult to find people who tell the truth and more difficult to find people who believe that I am telling the truth. I don't know why it is so difficult to find online friend who will trust me. I am still looking for a online friend with whom I can have a long lasting and fun loving relationship.

Look no farther.;) Send me a message whenever you would like to talk.:)

I wud luv to - I am far away in India, we can chat on YIM, my id is i_talk_hot

Hi, I am waiting to talk to you.