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Sometimes people say they want the truth, but they really don’t. I don’t intend to sound mean but, most people honestly just want their egos stroked. They want a reply that fits their desires. Of course, there are people who really do want an honest answer. And, there’s no reason why we can’t be both, depending on the circumstance. The trick is in knowing what kind of person you’re talking to – and what the situation really calls for. Honesty does not have to be brutal to be honest.

I want people to tell me like it is. Especially if we’re friends and I **** you off or offend you. It is far more respectful to me to just say so, instead of harboring angst against me. Don’t dance around your feelings. If you love, say so, for God’s sake. You may not get another chance and, what is the worst that will happen? You aren’t loved back, or not in the way you want to be. Our emotions are for us – the expression of them is for others. It is far better, in my world, to know I at least took that chance.

Be open – tell me the truth. I do not care for political correctness, too often you leave the conversation wondering if the person you were listening to had ever really had an original thought in his/her life. That is assuming you can even understand what they’re really trying to say anyway. Usually, it’s more like “Don’t look at me. I have no opinions. Yep. That’s me – middle of the road – all the way.”

If you don’t want an honest reply, please don’t ask me. I can’t help it. It is how I want people to treat me. I dislike ambiguity so much more than I dislike a well and clearly-stated opinion that differs from mine.
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2 Responses May 15, 2012

you're certainly right about most people wanting their egos stroked, and pretty lies, etc.

Well said! If you are my friend for sure honesty.PLEASE! Don't dance around what you have to tell me. If I do something that offends you I would like to know, so I can be more cautious of what I say or do in the future. We all have room for improvement. If someone asks me something, you bet you are going to get the most straight up honest answer. But I do it with dignity and respect to others feelings.