Too Little, Too Late.

When you said I was a bit much
I listened.
I like who I am
I cannot
Dumb it down for you
Or anyone,
For that matter.
While you
I grew weary
Of that.

I told you.
I am a bit intense.

I prefer people
Who are decisive.

I am sorry you are a

Don't tell me
How bland it has

I mean what I say.

I decided...
Long ago.

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41-45, F
5 Responses Jan 6, 2013

Kick *** is good :) Knowing *who* you are and being yourself is authentic and REAL. Sticking up for that is neccessary sometimes, I know. Anyone who doesnt accept you the way you *ARE* doesnt accept you at all, so you are better off without them. When people show you their true colours and are wishy washy, keep being you, and pity those who cant be true to themselves. I know who is going to live a happy and fulfilled life! :)

I like .ballsy'--I know what you mean.

Vacillate and "Wusskit" on the other hand. I pity the fool

I know what I want.
I wouldn't go and pity him yes....

Please keep being who you are and make me use my brain. I get so bored with boring people!

Awwww, thank you! I appreciate that :))))

Great sentiments in there... "you snooze, you lose!"


Damn straight! You don't snooze with an F5! ;-)

Decisiveness is both a curse and a blessing, though I generally find it to be more of the former. When your mind is made up... well, your mind is made up. Get on the bus or get run over.

Fish or cut bait :)
(I have a bit of a fish thing...)

Excellent. I'll assume, then, that you are capable of baiting your own hook.

Most definately.

I am learning to fly far I stink at it. I can't seem to drop the fly where I want it. Not yet.....

You get line and I'll get a pole...

I'm so there.

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