I Have Attitude......

If you do not like my attitude....
I don't like you breathing....
if you quit your breathing.....
I will change my attitude.....

I am Scorpio, there are two sides to us (me)......
The Good Side -

  • Intelligent and witty

  • friendly, social,

  • loyal friend, I will stand by your side no matter what, always be therte when I can, support you, encourage you, defend you if I have to

  • encouraging when I see people on the down side, do what it takes to make you smile, to make your day that much better, show you that you count as a person no matter what position in life.......

  • out going sense of humor, easy going

The Bad side;

  • can hold grudges when wronged deep

  • bold and determined to come back at you for screwing me over

  • can make on think twice even knowing me

  • hurt me - I will hurt you back harder

  • hit you where it hurts the most inside,

  • heated, calculated, controlled temper when pushed,

  • can be become obsessive

  • heated temper when forced to lash out....your gonna get hurt

Yes I have some serious attitude....good and bad...only time one sees the bad side is when they are crossing that wrong line in me, may not like what they see.......


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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

I'm waiting for that name of yours to be on the cover of a bestseller what are you waiting for?

You can teach the world about surviving and having honest attitude. Just plain honest "I'm not trying to please you attitude" don't you think that can make you a winner in the end?

If I could have had the fierce attitude 20 years ago that you have now I could have saved myself from a terrible marriage.Yes I needed that heated calculated controlled temper you have instead of saying yes I would have said no and kicked my partner out the front door.