Peeple Whoo Dun Evn Kno Hw Tew Speell Corrrectly

Seriously? THIS is what you guys have come to? Typing like a normal person without confusing "their" with "there" and "you're" with "your", and using absurd abbreviations like "yolo" and stuff, is actually something we should all do. Why? Because it makes reading easier! Now just suppose this entire article being written in today's modern "text language" as they call it-
seriusli? tis is wht u guyz hv cm two? tipin liek a nrml prsn widout cnfusin..
God! I can't even try to type like that! Please people, do this favor, and don't make people bleed from their eyes by using such language while typing..
It's a humble request.
CrystalOrchids :)
CrystalOrchids CrystalOrchids
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

It's ridiculously hard to even try to write like that: I mean, urg! What's the point in deliberately misspelling words when it's actually easier to write normally anyway! Brain= befuzzled.