I Love Laughing!

I love talking to people who have a sense of humour, and know how to have fun and to not take everything so seriously. I've always loved laughing, I think it's good for my soul and it has helped me to deal with a lot of things over the years. I find it easier to connect to people who know how to laugh, and have a sense of humour, there's nothing worse than talking to someone only to find, that they don't really have one, and look at you as if you're bonkers.

Obviously not everything is funny, but I like a balance in my life of serious and funny. I am both, but too much of one and not the other isn't necessarily a healthy thing I find. I've found there are times, when I've talked of something that I saw, or that has happened to me, that I think is absolutely hilarious, to find the person I am sharing it with, looks completely blank. So OK, by that time I've worked out that our humour is entirely different, obviously, or we would be both laughing hysterically.

One of the reason's I fell for my husband, is not necessarily because I found him attractive, he was, but not my initial type, it was because he made me laugh so much, and has done ever since. I'd never actually met someone who I could laugh with, and have fun with before, but I did realise it was an important ingredient to a relationship. A sense of humour I think is one of life's necessities. 

Wotserface Wotserface
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1 Response Jul 22, 2010

Well said! Couldn't agree more! :-)