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I not only think people with sense of humour have the best conversations but its actually attractive. I am silly myself so when I find someone who has sense of humour we can do real damage.
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Two guys are out hunting in the woods. They're walking one behind the other, when out of nowhere the guy in the back collapses. First guy goes to check on him and notices that his buddy isn't breathing, or moving, and his eyes are starting to glaze over.<br />
<br />
So, dude digs out the Satellite Phone and calls 911.<br />
<br />
Operator comes on and says, "911, what's your emergency?"<br />
<br />
Guy says, "yeah, I need help, I think my friend is dead, what do I do?"<br />
<br />
Operator says, "okay, sir, remain calm, first, lets make sure he's actually dead."<br />
<br />
There's a long silence and the operator hears a loud BANG, guy gets back on the phone and says, "okay, now what?"

lol that was a good one.

Thanks, I read that one online somewhere, and it had me laughing for a while.

horse walks into a bar...bar man says... hey why the long face !!<br />
<br />
i thankyou ..i'm here all week !

lol. Good one I dont think I heard that one before jk. :)
You look like a happy person from your pic.

i try to be . life is hard ! but i'm getting there! :)
... a snail crawls into a bar, barman picks him up and throws him out....three months later snail, comes back in ..and say's to the bar man....what d'you do that for !! .. bu bum!

yes .. so true as humor makes the bitter truth more acceptable and digestible

i say Joke em if they can't take a ****....

I can't imagine a world without humor? Yikes!

I know I think people sometimes dont see that laughing is a cure to feeling down lol

you are exactly right