I Try Not to Take Myself Too Seriously

I really do try not to take myself too seriously now concerning things I do for fun. I have spent much of my  life taking myself too seriously in too many other areas. I had too much responsibility for a child from an early age. Felt too much need to control everything in my life. Felt I had to do everything I attempted too perfectly for my own good. Felt I always had to create a good appearance no matter what, be a little too strong, too organized, too competent.

As I have matured I have loosened up. A lot. It has been very good for me. I am not driven to do everything perfectly any more. Some dust bunnies in the corner? I'll get them later! I don't tell myself what I should do nearly as much any more. I don't worry about whether my efforts will be criticized. It's very freeing! I don't spend much time at all worrying about what other people are going to think about my creative efforts.

So, if I want to write silly poems on fun stories, I make some effort to have good metre and rhyme, but hey--I'm no Robert Frost! It's for fun! And writing silly and not-so-perfect poems takes me out of the mundane and troubled world for a little while. It's mostly for me! It lets me interact with fun people and gives me something to look forward to. Sometimes I sit here and laugh right out loud! I like that.

The same thing applies to role playing on stories. The secret actress in me can come out to play for a little while! I never would have attempted this earlier in life, because I know I'm not all that good at it. But now, the ghost of Sarah Bernhardt sits on my shoulder and whispers in my ear! Maybe I don't hear her so well! Maybe it's just silly and lame! Do I care? Not really. I'm chuckling and plotting, interacting with fine, fun people. Sometimes laughing right out loud! My cats think I've gone crazy!

I'm so grateful for the people I've met here who know how to have fun, who will risk looking a bit silly to have a laugh and forget their troubles for a little while. Thank you for playing with me. Sometimes laughter really is the best medicine.



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When first I saw this I was confused,
No jokes but words from an abused.
But towards the end
I got the need to send,
some contribution of my own
To prove I'm not a clone.
I'm known for all my typos,
But my tablet is I suppose
definately the thing to blame
Preventing me from world acclaim.

That's great you learned to have fun and loosed up. Nothing wrong with playing, being silly and having fun. Im happier these days because like you I've been having more fun in the last 2 years :)

It's so great when we finally can allow ourselves to have fun!
Thanks for reading and commenting!

There was a young girl from Malone<br />
Who went to the dentist alone.<br />
In a fit of depravity,<br />
He filled the wrong cavity<br />
<br />
Now she's nursing the filling at home


Yes, I've seen your poetry,<br />
So full of love and artistry,<br />
But here I think a limerick<br />
Is just the thing to do the trick!<br />
So write one when you have a chance<br />
Or I will spear you with my lance!<br />
<br />
hehe....I don't really have a lance;-)


Big Sis, I resist<br />
Though you insist<br />
Not another poem<br />
you already know 'em

Another poem from Sir b! See below for my clever retort.....

Nelladell,<br />
I can tell<br />
We'll be pals<br />
Two silly gals!<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
A poem from the Duchess! I am very impressed!<br />
The importance of your message should be thoroughly stressed.<br />
<br />
And you made me smile which is better than frowning...<br />
You know what happened to the Last Duchess in Browning!<br />
<br />
(I couldn't resist!)

silly gal? i take that as a high compliment. thank you. serious.y.

Now there are three silly gals!
Mejj has joined the rhyming pals!
We're sometimes silly, sometimes wise...
I really really like you guys!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
We're nuts.

Oh what shame to see them go<br />
I'm always the last one to know.<br />
EP doesn't listen to us much<br />
But at least,<br />
The poems/comments/answers should remain untouched-DF

Another poem! yippee!!!

oh wow! hehe

And yet another country heard from! I like your flower though....

* eyes to ceiling *


We’ve not spent much time together,<br />
speaking of which, I’m not sure whether<br />
I should stay an hour or minute,<br />
but this is a merry place.<br />
<br />
Innit !

Yay!!! Finally another poem!!! :-)
Stay awhile nelladell,
Let EP cast it's spell,
I'd like to get to know you more,
You can take a break when your butt gets sore...;-)

you may be my match at silliness. from that status please don't regress if you want to see a childish me. tee hee.

:-) tee hee

So sad when comments disappear!<br />
There were some lovely poems here....<br />
<br />
The authors are gone, the comments too<br />
It leaves me feeling somewhat blue!

if we can laugh at ourselves and with friends, we are on the right track, Dat. We all need to 'Chillax' - chill and relax..a new word I'm not keen on ;0)

Haha...That's another thing I've had to ease up on over the years....the words in common use in the English language! So...I do try to chillax and not grimace ;-)

Thanks for the comment, Graham!

That doesn't rhyme :-/


Its as if you are the female of my male life,just the same background and much expected of me, but now I chillaxe with my dog and use my system often for fun.<br />
I like to hide within myself and watch others mess up knowing I could do or say something to help but have given up and am a loner and feel ok about it.<br />
regards<br />

I'm a corny FLAKE not a corny puff, MissYoo!<br />
<br />
Thank you, Sweet Betty!! :-)

MissYoo sat alone<br />
While eating a scone<br />
And sipping mint tea,<br />
As gay as could be.<br />
When along came a fruitloop<br />
Covered with sweet goop<br />
And she smashed it with her spoon<br />
As she sang a little tune.

bcj says I'm spooky!<br />
He thinks I am kooky.<br />
This I can handle,<br />
It's not a big scandal.<br />
But a fruitloop? No way!<br />
I'm a corn flake today.

silly me

Congratulations for aspiring to the dizzy height of self enlightenment ........<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
your now a fruitloop !!!! :o)

Down in the valley where the green grass grows,<br />
There sat MissYoo pretty as a rose.<br />
Up came bcj and kissed<br />
her on the cheek,<br />
How many kisses did she get this week? <br />
<br />

your local mechanic through his stammer.<br><br />
the bigger the problem, the bigger the hammer.

A very good one, bcj!<br />
But a little spooky, I must say!<br />
Oh, wait! The spooky one is me!<br />
Excuse me while I hug a tree.<br />

scientists poem<br />
<br />
what do surgeons say <br />
once each day<br />
<br />
When in doubt <br />
Cut it out

Dear MissYoo<br />
That's what I do!<br />
I sing and dance and play.<br />
I just don't eat pets! No way!<br />
<br />
African warrior, hail to you too!<br />
I have found a good friend in you.<br />
Words are your instruments as well.<br />
For a Scientist you sure can spell!<br />
<br />

hail to you forest queen!<br />
noone brighter, i have seen.<br />
quill and parchment are your tools.<br />
makes the rest seem like fools.

Thank you, Nan!<br />
I'm such a fan<br />
Of those who know<br />
That smiles grow,<br />
And troubles ease,<br />
And sorrow flees,<br />
If we but play!<br />
Have fun each day!<br />
Be young at heart.<br />
You're really smart.

The child I was had much to do<br />
And so she became just like you<br />
Everything must be done right<br />
And every day was so up tight.<br />
But then it hit me, one fine day<br />
That I had lost my sense of play.<br />
And when I knew that this was true<br />
I didn't know just what to do.<br />
Mud pies and crayons, that's the thing!<br />
The kid in me came out to sing.<br />
And as I practiced my child-like craft<br />
The kid in me came out to laugh.<br />
Eccentric Granny, that's me now<br />
I've learned to play again, and how!<br />
Your story's great, and so I say, <br />
You're one wise kiddie, so let's play!

Thank you, Cam. I do like to play!

Cow's fryin'.<br />
I'm cryin'.<br />
Just a cow?<br />
Don't know how<br />
She can eat<br />
A pet's meat.<br />
This is sad.<br />
She's soooooo bad.

I fear<br />
The steer<br />
Was Eaten.<br />
I'm beaten.<br />
How sad!<br />
She's bad.<br />
Poor cow.<br />
Gone now.

Oh Max! I have news!<br />
She did take the cow.<br />
That's what she said<br />
In a story, anyhow.<br />
But now I'm in fear<br />
For the dear little pet!<br />
She said she'll make burger!<br />
Your gift I regret!

Which chocolate's best?<br />
German or Swiss?<br />
Wayna does jest!<br />
I'll blow him a kiss.<br />
<br />
Swiss chocolate is the choice<br />
If you want second rate.<br />
For German I rejoice!<br />
It really is great!

Perhaps the unrhymed stanzas are blank verse.<br />
I don't think so because the meter's wrong.<br />
But who am I to judge since I am not<br />
A poet with an ivory handled quill.<br />
<br />
I think that rhyming is quite difficult<br />
For many who attempt it anyway.<br />
Iambic pentameter is hard too--<br />
And this attempt at blank verse really sucks.

Yes, the crocodile tried to get the duck!<br />
But I tricked him and I had good luck!<br />
I threw a piece of chocolate candy,<br />
The good German kind, it was very handy!<br />
The croc snapped it up and the duck did flee.<br />
Now I'll put him in the bathtub safely with me.

Yes, my sitar-playing Swaussie friend,<br />
We'll have great fun from start to end!<br />
It's good to laugh each and every day<br />
No matter what the grouches say.<br />
Especially if you happen to be<br />
A fire-breathing Dragon , see?<br />
But hold your breath when you laugh real hard<br />
So nothing around you will get charred!

Miss you, Wanya!

Ladee! I'm very proud of you, dear!<br />
You wrote a poem so full of cheer!<br />
I'd never say your poem sucks!<br />
A word that rhymes with sucks is ducks!<br />

Wanya, my pretty fish catching boy<br />
Your poem has filled my heart with joy!<br />
Are you an Aussie? Or are you Swiss?<br />
Did you give the crocodile a kiss?<br />
Comets burn very brightly, too!<br />
I'm glad I have a friend like you!!

I don't always do poetry either, Ladee! So, for you I will use prose....:) I love the avatar! Thanks for making me smile many times with your fun comments over this past year or so. You're another gal who knows how to have fun!

Bettybutton, we had so much fun<br />
We should do another one!<br />
I love your style, your wit, your flair,<br />
I love that red bow in your hair!<br />
I'm so glad you made the scene...<br />
You're my pretty Liverpoole Queen!

Hmm .. thats me <br />
I am tasmin, I am free<br />
I like to feel the wind and air<br />
I love to dance totally bare!

I know that buxom beauty!<br />
The gorgeous nude red head!<br />
She used to sneak around at night...<br />
When Owls had gone to bed!

Trailguide I just loved your poem.<br />
That much I must say!<br />
I'm glad you're laughing with me<br />
Rather than at me, eh?

A poet i am not at all<br />
But this i just must say<br />
From laughter out of my chair i fall<br />
Thank you for bringing it our way

English flower? Orange dream!<br />
When I take off my clothes I hear people scream<br />
I love to have fun and do goofy things<br />
If I were an angel I'd tie dye my wings!

Oh Tasmin, my English flower!<br />
I love it when you tease me.<br />
You are a clever, clever girl!<br />
You never cease to please me!

My Count has come with poetry<br />
That brings a smile of cheer.<br />
I'm so glad he took the time<br />
To bring his poem here.<br />
A fine poem , too--he has much skill<br />
With words and thoughts and such.<br />
So, Count--I'm pleased to know you, too<br />
And thank you very much!

A poem from Miss NoraTrent!<br />
She understands my intent!<br />
I truly am blessed with friends good and true.<br />
Miss NoraTrent, I love you!

I love cows <br />
<br />
With their big eyes

No cow<br />
No how!<br />
Not today<br />
No way!

Thank you, MissYoo!<br />
I feel the same way too.

It's a perfect situation <br />
For Harriet and Miss Jane!<br />
Given their occupation<br />
Many benefits are plain!

Me too I'm not here<br />
Aint it fun to disappear

Tasmin, you are one of those<br />
Who played wth me wth poems and prose!<br />
We have had a lot of fun<br />
As seen by each and every one.<br />
But my bubble light's not on....<br />
I'm not here! I'm really gone ;-)

100% with you on this !!<br />
<br />
Old Bean <br />
Don't think you can't be seen<br />
A comment here, a comment there<br />
Shows you're hiding <br />
So beware <br />
<br />