I Love All Walks, As Though Its A World Of Different Colors That Create One Big Painting

I use to be a pretty hardcore Christian up until about almost two years ago when I had challenged my beliefs. What became sadly surprising was that the people I was close with, did not at all take any time to discuss the reason why I chose what I did but rather almost scoffed that I would challenge instead of 'submit to the god of the bible'. Made it easy though on the other hand to carry on in my life.

To this day I hold fast to nothing, but as well everything, as though each stance of anything has even one element ( even in the bad) to teach, to grow, to listen, to learn.

Once I broke through the indoctrinated dogma of religion (mostly through social acceptance & tradition) and held myself up to first entertain the thought of doubts I had suppressed, along came reason. Then the common sense started to shine through the subterfuge of illusions.

When I speak of religion as illusions, or dogmas, I do not mean to come across cynical, as I still do respect the many religious I walked with in the past. But rather in personal terms of thinking for myself apart from all the pre-fed "truth". It matters to me not as to what may exist or not, so much that because I exist how do I live and embrace life. I rather love the mystery of not knowing so that I may learn the possibilities.
soliare soliare
26-30, M
May 5, 2012