The Zen philosophers believe that there is no time. No past, no future. Only now.

I thought about that for a long while. I could not conceive how anyone could think that there is no time. Of course there is, just look at the clock!

But then I started to realize that time cannot be grasped. It can't be measured like distance, or mass. Once a second is gone, it is gone forever, and you can never measure that one second again. Then what is time, or the illusion of time?

Everything in the universe is changing constantly. Nothing is in stasis. Time is a measurement of how the universe changes, and we know it's changing only because of memory. If it were not for the past, everything would always be as it is now. And it is, because there is no past. There is only now.

Grief is an emotional letdown when we realize the future will not be what we had planned. Think, when someone dies, do we don't grieve for their life, we grieve for the life that might have been; their future life.

To live in the moment is to really live. If you are stuck in a past that doesn't exist, you're not really here, now. If you are worried about the future; you are likewise in a place that does not exist.
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I found this insight today - I hope it fits the glove about no time - only change

Forth insight – Hermeticism

The only Constant is change
Holding onto something, is like holding onto your breath
The fact that change is the only constant means that we are always living in the unknown.
Everything that we call the known is past, and the only thing we can say about it with certainty is that it is no longer here.
The flow is the field of change.

Peace to you...