Continuation In The Conscious Of A Truth Seeking Entity

It has been sometime since I've posted here, it was about 3-4 years ago. I was about 26 -27 I think, not sure.

Why am back: I like nutritious juicy thought processing brains. With all those sexy synapses, exchanging electrical currents across exotic chemical interactions.

Like the people who made this website, what an ingenuous idea don't you guys think.

So, I wanted to see what was happening here. I hope you guys don't think am a complete jerk with what I say, especially the young folk. but there is none the less a chain of patterns to be observed.

It seems that once having concluded that we might not fully understand why we are here, (yet) Humans in this universe. It is up to the ones with high empathy to do our best to look out for the species. This might not be true for everyone, because not everyone is born with the same patterns, but you know people who follow this way of thinking.

Truth is not always pleasant, but that's why there are engineers and scientists and other types of human cells, trying their best to study and find solutions. Everything is not a cynic lie, with the world trying to profit from you.

There is of course the ones who develop a very different idea, and it is difficult to see things as they do. But I imagine nature has provided this sort of balance, if everyone was like me, we would all have died a long time ago. This is mostly for the young folk whose brain power lets then see nature for what it is, and don't go immediately for ideals, but do analysis before hand. The olden peoples I imagine have made peace with what existence presents. birth, death and the cycle. Just you know do your best you guys.

Alrez Alrez
Dec 16, 2012