I Can Be The Future, I Can Be Success. I Will Be Better.

This is long people, so sit back and be prepared to read.
My name is Arif erdogan, I am 14 years of age and currently live in Doncaster, a town in southern Yorkshire (UK) when we first moved to Yorkshire (I have 4 siblings, 3 sisters and one brother, I am the oldest) we were leaving our crammed house in Lewisham (a hard part of south east London, rife with racism and violence) It was a curving step, but first. Let me tell you about my family.
My mother is born from two Jamaicans and lived in London, she was a hairdresser when she ran into the waste of space who would eventually be my 'dad' he's turkish. I have three older sisters, one was once a clever, determined and smart one however my dads behaviour and general negligence has led her to a life of rudeness, failure and disrespect. My second sister was the 'wacko' she got into drugs and would fake stages of suicide, she always has been the dangerous one in what she does and currently resides in Australia. My other sister isn't clever, at all but she has a fair heart and lives here whilst working. My brother is doing well and just joined college.
When we first came we were met with racism, I was 5 years old (2004 we came here) and was quite at school. No one really 'liked' me due to my skin and I simply adored learning but not school. Over the years some people were nice (mostly females) however I was still outside if you like and racially abused, 'Pakki' being the most common and yes, I used to cry, I only cared for learning and wanted to leave school.
Upon joining secondary, well, I screwed up, I decided to try getting friends, once again there was only 5 non white students in a school of over 600. Racism was harder and threats were there. I started being rude to teachers and tried getting friends. It worked but I hate it. After several years I (during this time my potential was seen, I went to the salters festival and I was part of a scheme called aim higher intending for us to do much better, I believe I was seen as a A* student which to be fair I can achieve)
After years it came to my attention people only liked me for humour and making stupid sex stories, I cringe at this. How low.
I've had enough, for no more will I do this. I will go to school on Monday with a simple line 'if you're really my friends, you will let me work' I know I will only have about 18% of my friends left but I don't care ;)
I'm also gonna go to my library and pick up some books, maybe on astronomy (can't afford a telescope ;( )
So I just want to say to you guys education is beautiful! Amazing! I am also trying to find my religious side, believe it or not I've been inspired by Lisa simpsons! XD I hope you all can follow me if you was we're I was, don't let it happen.
I am the future, I am success.
We are the future.
Now lets change the world.
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Hey Arif, thanks for sharing your story. I'm gutted to hear about the kind of ignorance you've encountered at school. I'm from the North myself and it brings back a few memories. I've also been taking the learning-first approach and wouldn't do it any other way - the chavs might snigger at your books now but in a few years you'll be the one laughing, with qualifications, intelligent friends, and most of all the ability to think for yourself.