It's Just the Way I Think

Sometimes I think it's a curse b/c I often over-think things.  Others seem to be able to just roll through life and not question things.  Which is not all bad.  I always have to try to understand everything, use logic to analyze, etc.  I think it's a gift and a curse.
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Thanks Bowlman! I like the upside of overthinking/analyzing but that headache part does suck. My goal is to filter out what's important and think about those things but let the rest go. It's not like I could ever perfectly determine what's worthwhile but I know I can do better. I think if I'd meditate more often I would have much better results.

Ok - IMHO - I think overthinking IS a curse ..... it causes the head to hurt WAY too much. And the 'what-ifs'?? <br />
No - I hate the 'what-ifs'. <br />
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BUT - I can see the point BM. It is great to be able to see the moves in life like a chessmatch .... at least moves ahead and analyze the pros and cons of each one, but grrr I admire that, but it literally drives me INSANE :)

RA:<br />
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IMHO 'over-thinking' is more of a gift than a curse. The only problem is that SOMETIMES it can make your head hurt. LOL<br />
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yeah I think letting go is really important for a person who overthinks things. to some extent I like the way I think but I take it too far and have a hard time letting go of things.

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I understand what you are saying. I act the same way. i really hate it sometimes when i over analyze. It is really ridiculous because it just makes my head more messed up. i like it better when I just drop it and get on with living. Its way better..

Awwww, cheer up are not alone ever no matter what your mind tells you....what you are inside is greater than anything in this world including your own mind.

I am not in able to comment too much right now, but I just wanted to say that it is reading stuff like this that reminds me that I am not alone in this world, that there are others who can understand me. Thankyou for being you.

That's really one of those chicken/egg things. There's a lot of bipolar alcoholics out there. And a lot of psychological research has gone into understanding what causes bipolar and what triggers manic and depressive phases. It is certainly unclear if alcohol/drug abuse is a trigger or a reaction to symptoms. It is most likely both, almost certainly. The syndrome and the substance interact to make the whole thing worse.

your tangents are the very essence that make you so endearing ... to me anyway ... so umm ... whatchoo talkin' bout willis?!?!? you tryin' to tell me sumfin? lol it's okay ... i'll forever deny it. :-D lol i hope you are able to enjoy your next extroverted phase and remember it with clarity. i'm sure you will this time. i'm sure in the past that state had somethig to do with increased substance abuse as well ... anyway ... to you.

Well, I have periods when I'm not so introverted. I am biploar and when I'm manic I'm quite social. I'm actually looking forward to my next manic phase. I think it will be fine as long as I'm not drinking or using drugs. In the past I severely increased my substance use during manic phases and so it was all blurry and I don't remember it well...sorry, I tangent sometimes :-)

i disagree with metalpurist regarding extroverts and introverts. with that said, i was much more extroverted as a younger person and as the years have passed i've become much more quiet ... not necessarily introverted but i internalize EVERYthing, analyzing it to death before i finally put it to sleep (if i do) with a communication, conversation or conflict/resolution. i have also been through more than the average extrovert which has caused me to sit for great periods in reflection. this in and of itself may be the very difference. however, i'm still able to be social or extroverted ... i'd just rather not be now that i've seen the other side. lol

Yeah, I'm working on trying to let things out...I'm an INTJ personality type, I put my results on my blog here.

I understand what you're saying completly. My "personality type" on the Myers-Briggs scale is INTP. I agree that introversion has it's downsides, but as a whole I'd say it's good to have a group of people, however small, who actually sit down and think things through - sometimes more than once. And this isn't to ay that extroverts don't think things through and can't be deep people, this is saying that they don't internalise things the same way a truly introverted person does. And as for it bieng a healthy thing - that's where you need to learn not to keep evreything in.

I think introverted people in general are deeper thinkers, spend more time immersed in thought. It's certainly got a good and bad side. I just don't talk as much as most other people. I spend more time inwardly which is not entirely healthy. Introverts are a minority of people though and I think they have a unique perspective.

You know, hearing people say "I see the world with more depth than your average person" is a pretty typical observation.<br />
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At the same time, someone who thinks about things in depth will most definitley see these things (and just about evreything else) in a much different fashion than your average person. <br />
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I'm not saying that you don't see things with more depth than your average person - I'm just pointing out that most of the people I meet who are anything but deep thinkers have figured out that they can pretend to be by saying things like, "I see things with more depth than other people" and "intelligence is a gift and a curse". And I find it amusing when people try to do so.<br />
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True understanding in and of itself is both a gift and a curse, however (this is more in response to the comment from minkey - and if I'm off in any way please feel free to tell me so)<br />
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The reason I say this is because of the often cliche' saying "ignorance is bliss". To a very large extent, this is true. Unless, of course, it bothers you to have someone else do a lot of your critical thinking for you. In which case, rational and deep thought is a blessing.<br />
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The problem with doing all of your own thinking, of course, is that the more you think about something the more you'll understand it. And the more you understand about something (oftentimes, at least) the less you wish you knew about it. Some would consider this the curse of thinking too deeply/over analysing things.<br />
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So that right there is the "double-edged sword", yes?<br />
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And as for seeing more depth in the word than the average person, remember this - you can learn more from living near one pond and studying it every day than you could by visiting every body of water on earth. <br />
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Depth is where you look for it.

I think I see more depth in the world than most people. I tend to have a perspective that many people find interesting, a different outlook on things resulting from a good amount of thought. I don't often answer questions using standard social norms, giving the answer that anybody would give, that's a cop out to me. I could probably answer this better if I wasn't in such a foul mood today. Hopefully I can come back to this sometime.