God Is Beyond Words

Many people I meet either during an counselling session in Astrology or Life Management keep asking me "what is the proof that God exist? What is He like? Is GOD male or female?". I avoid an answer because any answer is always considered unsatisfactory by the confused mind. Instead I ask them please describe the color Orange using words. They try and give up eventually. The color Orange is beyond words.

Once it happened a few children got together and kept asking me about GOD and wanted to find out who created GOD etc. I said forget it, lets eat this chocolate. The chocolate was a special large sized one with cashewnuts and walnutes. They were eagerly waiting to eat it up. But instead I asked them "who made chocolate first". Some children tried answering. Then I asked another question pertaining to the origin of chocolate. When the answer came, I asked the next question. Finally all the children joined together and said "Uncle, who cares about the origin of Chocolates.... please give it to us, we are worried about not eating it. We just want to eat it and enjoy it.

God is only for experience. HE is beyond words and normal logic.  So just enjoy GOD!

Dhilipkumar Dhilipkumar
46-50, M
3 Responses Aug 10, 2007

I find it funny how people can things like "god is a creation of the human mind". Where's the definative proof of that? Logically it makes no sense.

hmm, I like, logic to shut up logic hungery minds. another way is to think does the universe have an end, if it doesn't, whats beyond that, does it go on for ever?is it possible? human minds just can't think logically about that.

well said....